Friday, November 6, 2015

November?! 11/03/2015

Well hello there everybody! Is it really November? How did that happen? Time to go full out with Christmas stuff I'd say! Pretty sure Sister Hyde is already sick of Christmas music... :) Ha! It has been so very cold this last week. Boots, tights and sweater weather! I love it!  Last Monday after Preparation day we raked the Cottam's leaves and then joined them for the end of their FHE for dessert and then Sister Cottam scanned me and gave me all these doTerra oils because I was still not feeling 100% and it helped so much! 
Tuesday we tried some people in the morning and then had lunch with Sister Scovill which was fun. Did service at the library, and then dinner and FHE with Gary and Dusty. Great day! Nothing too exciting.
Wednesday we had district meeting and then after lunch we had about an hour before our appointment with Brother Powell. Well, a couple weeks ago I forgot to mention that Karma Johnson had signed up to feed us lunch. (She's the excommunicated member who is bipolar schizophrenic) We had a little miscommunication and ended up not being able to have lunch with her and she was pretty offended and we thought she hated us. Well, that day I had the impression to text her and just ask how she was doing. I wasn't expecting a response, but I thought I'd try it. She texted back and told us she was making cookies and that we were welcome to come over. We had just the right amount of time to see her right then and we had a great lesson with her. Tender mercy! She's on a different medication now and has been doing so much better with her anxiety and everything. She is so ready to be baptized again! After seeing her, we saw Brother Powell and read 3 Nephi 17 with him where it talks about when Christ healed the people. We thought it would be perfect for him since he's been really struggling with his health lately. Then we had dinner with the Strobels and then had a great lesson with Matt and a senior elder from the Trail Center who's in our ward joined us for that lesson. We taught him the Gospel of Jesus Christ and all about Faith, Repentance, Baptism, the Holy Ghost and all that good stuff. He continues to read the Book of Mormon and is very receptive of our message. Still just unsure about a date to be baptized. I was so hoping he would get baptized before I leave, but that's not going to be able to happen unfortunately. It was actually really cool because he called us last night and told us that he was talking on the phone with a friend of his who he hadn't talked to for about a month and it turns out that he's LDS also! So cool! 
Thursday we were at the Trail Center and I didn't take a single tour :( It's about that season... After our shift we saw Sister Maurel and taught her the Restoration and then had a lovely dinner with Sister Sorensen and then saw Sister LaPier and Sister Kelley. Such a great night! I love when we have full days with lots of appointments :)
Friday I had another interview with President Gardner. We've been having a problem with negativity at the Trail Center lately and some of the sisters have not been very respectful of President Gardner or the Crandalls so he interviewed me because I am a former Trail Center Leader so he wanted to ask what could be done to stop it and how I could help. It went well! Then we had a wonderful lunch with Sister Louthan and then served at the Trail Center that night. 
Saturday after TC training the Tervorts who are a senior couple here took us and Sister Hodges and her companion out to breakfast at Harolds as a "departing" present. We had a great time, then we just did our studies and weekly planned and finished making our costumes, then...Halloween Party! We had a delicious dinner together at the TC with all the senior couples, then played a fun game and then we got permission to watch The Cokeville Miracle. If you haven't seen it before, I recommend it! It was so good! Definitely a little intense, but there are SO many amazing things that you can learn from it. So inspiring! We had such a blast together :) 
Sunday we went to PEC and then had ward choir. Church was good. I always love fast and testimony meeting! I did get up and bear my testimony since it was my last chance to do it as a missionary in this ward. It was such a wonderful experience. My testimony is always strengthened even more when I share it with others. After church we had ward coordination and then had dinner with the Mierzejewskis and had a great night! I hope you all had a great Halloween! I am looking forward to this busy week! Lots to do and so little time! I love you all! 

Sister Ferrara :)

Our sweet costumes!
Yes, we made them all ourselves.
It was all Sister Hyde's idea!
The Bible and the Book of Mormon go hand-in-hand ;)

Cardboard box costumes!

Sister Hodges and the most important books in the world!

Sister Howes

Sister Fronk

Watching the movie

Everybody with all their costumes

Weird week for me! 10/26/2015

Hello everyone! It was kind of a weird week....not a whole lot happened so this is going to be a bit of a boring email so I apologize now...
Monday we were just at the Trail Center and no one came in... sad day.
Tuesday we got to do service at the Library again which was just fantastic. Then we had dinner with the Pearson and they asked if we wanted to watch the Face2Face with the Piano Guys on with them that night and I about died. We got permission to watch it and it was SO COOL! I love them so much. So inspiring! I'm so glad they are keeping up such a good reputation and influencing so many people in the world to do good!
Wednesday we had a good district meeting and then saw Sister Finley, then Brother Powell who is now in the hospital for a little while to get his poor heart worked on. Then we had dinner with the Bloods and I started feeling really icky and nauseous. So Sister Hyde made me go home and go to bed early...such a stinker :) There's been some kind of a virus going around at the Trail Center so a lot of the sisters have had it. Just some kind of stomach flu or something. Not fun.
Thursday I still wasn't feeling very good, but we had interviews with President Gardner which went really well and then we got to serve at seven oaks before our shift at the Trail Center.
Friday....unfortunately I felt worse so we stayed home and tried to do some weekly planning but I felt so awful so I slept a bunch of the day.
Saturday I woke up to get ready for TC training because I was determined to be better and go out and work and as I was brushing my teeth I started shaking really bad and blacked out and landed on the floor... Let's just say Sister Hyde would not allow me to go out and work, so she took another sister with her to go to the appointments we had set up and then came back at about 3 and brought me some sprite for my upset stomach along with pepto bismol which helped a lot. I did eventually eat some toast and as we were in the kitchen my stomach started itching really bad so I lifted up my shirt to find hives surrounding my right side getting bigger by the second. I wanted to cry. I don't know what's been going on with my body! After about an hour they went away though, so I have no idea what happened. I was getting so frustrated because I wanted to go out and work so bad and as I was praying to Heavenly Father throughout that afternoon, He told me that everything happens for a purpose and that I would get better soon.
Sunday morning we were on shift at the TC and I was feeling quite a bit better. Still not 100%, but I was able to get ready for the day and everything, but I did take it easy. After our shift we went outside to get in the car to go to church and it wouldn't unlock or respond to anything. SO we had to take someone else's car to church and bring it back right after church and had about 3 senior elders in their suits look at our car to figure out what was wrong. The Davies who are the Facilities Management senior couple live right next to the TC thank goodness so they helped us out and then invited us for dinner which was a tender mercy because we had no dinner plans. Then we just finished up some weekly planning that night since we hadn't set any weekly goals or anything yet since I was sick. was quite the week, let me tell ya :) All is well though! Hope you all have a great week! And Happy Halloween! :)

Sister Ferrara

getting colder :) 10/19/2015

It's been a great week! It's starting to look dead outside and the weather is turning colder! I love it! Yes, I've already pulled out the Christmas music ;) I just can't help it! I'm ready for the holidays already! Anyways...
Last Monday after preparation day we had FHE with the Cottams and went to a park nearby and flew kites. so much fun! 
Tuesday we went on exchanges and I stayed in Elmwood with Sister Gardner who is a new STL. It was an interesting day. We did service at the library because Sister Hyde and I turned in volunteer applications so we will be going there every Tuesday to stack the books alphabetically. It was actually really enjoyable! I know, Corina is probably dying from reading this ;) Then we tried several people and didn't have much luck. Had a dinner appointment with a young couple, then had a lesson with Cynthia and started on her new member lessons. She's doing so well! 
Wednesday we had zone training which was great! Unfortunately, they had me and the other departing missionaries bear their testimonies at the's the tradition. I wasn't expecting it though because there should be one more zone training before we leave so I thought we would be doing it next month but just kidding! Not very fair I thought, but it was good. Learned a lot about how to introduce the Book of Mormon to investigators. Good meeting! We were going to see our new investigator, Sandra, but she had to reschedule. Had dinner with Gary and Dusty though and then had someone pick us all up to go to the Trail Center to watch Joseph Smith, the Prophet of the Restoration. It was excellent! 
Thursday we were at the Trail Center and then had to get our oil changed on our car. Both our appointments cancelled for the night so we saw Sister LaPier instead before she left for vacation for the weekend. 
Friday was such a good day! We mowed Sister LaPier's lawn in the morning, then Sandra cancelled...hmmm...then we went with the Scovills to pick up Kaylee from school. She's in high school and isn't a member so we want to slowly kind of get to know her without pushing anything. They took us to this cute dessert place and got a treat. It was fun :) Then we saw Brother Powell. Poor thing has a horrible toothache and is getting a tooth pulled tomorrow. Ouch! Then we were asked to help out for a TC fireside that night so we went to the TC and had some fun there. 
Saturday we had a good lesson with Matt and Brother Porter came with us to see him. They're about the same age and have a really similar story so it was just the perfect team-up and then he volunteered to pick Matt up for church the next day! Woohoo! Went back to the house after that to weekly plan. We had to meet Matt in the morning because that was the only time that would work for him. We called Sandra to see what was up and she told us that she had talked to her pastor and decided that she's happy where she's at. That was really disappointing... She was our only baptismal set! After weekly planning we had dinner and then had FHE with Gary and Dusty! It was a blast...we came with a lesson prepared about the Anti-Nephi-Lehis and talked about burying our "weapons of war." So we drew out our own swords and pretended like we were burying them. Then we played Uno Attack and Gary had the idea to share a part of our testimony each time it was our turn to help Dusty. Such a good night!
Sunday we went to ward choir and had lots of people come to church! Monica, Karma Johnson, Richard, Sister Maurel, and Matt! Had dinner with the Cottams and then saw Teresa Kelley. Good day! When we got home, Matt called us and told us church was good. We had a lesson in gospel principles about Eternal Marriage and he said he really liked it! Then he "jokingly" asked me to marry him. Yeah....awkward. SO, we're not really sure if his intentions on learning more about the gospel are good anymore... We're on a search this week to find solid investigators. I know Heavenly Father is preparing people, so we're going to find them! It was a good week! Hope you're all doing well! Love you!

Sister Ferrara 

We went to Boys Town last week for Preparation day.
This is the largest ball of stamps!

Playing marbles!

amazing week! 10/12/2015

Such an amazing week! I love being a missionary! 
Ok, so last Monday after Preparation day we were going to have FHE with the Cottams and then help dig out these pulls that they had in their backyard...they had to cancel FHE so we took the whole night to dig out ONE PULL out of the ground because it was like 5 feet into the ground and took forever. It was so hard! So we decided to go over there the next day to finish them because it got way too dark outside haha.
Tuesday we had a full day in the area. Got to have lunch with Sister Scovill. She's my favorite <3 Then tried about a million and one people and had absolutely no one open the door for us. It was a little discouraging. Finally had dinner and then worked at the Cottams to get the rest of the pulls out of the ground. Success! Sweet tender mercy...while we were outside, the Cottams sweet little girls invited us to have family scripture study and family prayer with them before they went to bed. It was so special and I just felt right at home :) 
Wednesday we had district meeting...gave my very last training as a missionary. I was pretty bummed. I had only 15 minutes to give it so it didn't turn out how I wanted it to. But I guess it'll just have to do. Then we had this perfect day planned. Ok, this is how we wanted it to go: We were going to go with Sister Scovill to pick up her nonmember step daughter from school and get a treat to surprise her so we could get to know her better, then see Brother Powell, have dinner and FHE with Gary and Dusty, then go to mutual with Cynthia and have a lesson with her afterwards. Well guess what...everything fell through! Oh, we just wanted to cry. We ended up trying to see a bunch of people like the day before with absolutely no luck. BUT, we know that sacrifice brings forth the blessings of heaven. We had received a referral from the mission office telling us that this lady wanted a bible. We called her up and she told us we could stop by the next day to give it to her so...
Thursday after lunch, we went to go see this referral, Sandra, to give her the bible. She was SO excited to see us and called us her Christian friends and invited us in her apartment. We taught her the whole Restoration, gave her a Book of Mormon and she just held it so close to her and thanked us. Set her for baptism for November 7th and she's coming to church this Sunday! Miracles all around! Woohoo! I. Love. Heavenly. Father. He always comes around ;) Well, to celebrate, since we didn't have a dinner appointment we went out to dinner at Olive Garden because Sister Hyde's mom had sent her money for her birthday that was last month so we used it to get some food. Then we did some yard work for Sister LaPier. Always fun :)
Friday we served at the Trail Center. Love that place! Did some service for the FM (Facilities Management) couple and got all the leaves out of the parking lot at the TC. I got to use a leaf blower! It was so cool! Then we had some dinner and went to the TC fireside with Gary :) 
Saturday we had our studies and weekly planned, then served at the TC and I got to take such a great tour! So the Thomas's in our ward came and brought Sister Thomas's brother and his wife to the TC. They were visiting from Sandy Utah and came out here with a coupe from Argentina. I came to find out that the man from Argentina was Sister Thomas's brother's convert from his mission 40 something years ago and they met up to have a reunion and see a bunch of cool historic places together! His wife could speak english so she translated for her husband because he didn't speak any english. It was so neat and there was such a special spirit. 
Sunday we served at the TC for a couple hours. Church was good as always :) It was Sister Hyde's first week at church since last week was General Conference. It was great! Had dinner with the Scovills, then saw Matt! Read the Introduction of the Book of Mormon with him and then started the Plan of Salvation and we brought up church again and explained it to him more and he said he's going to come next week! Yay! Then we saw Sister Johnson and read a really good conference talk with her. She told us that she's going to meet with the bishop next week because she wants to get re-baptized! Another miracle! They just never stop coming :) Heavenly Father was so good to us this week and I can't wait for this upcoming week! I better get going, so hope you are all doing well. Love you!
Sister Ferrara 

haha we swung on the swings last Monday ;) 

Monday, October 5, 2015

Transfer Week :) 10/5/2015 My last transfer!

SO, I am just about the happiest little NOM missionary that you could ever be. It was transfer week, so let me tell ya how it went... :)
Monday we had the deep clean at the TC. So exciting. I love spending time with all my sisters so much more now that I'm not the TC leader. We have so much fun together and I feel like I can finally call them all my best friends because I don't have stewardship over them so they can't be mad at me for telling them what to do or anything haha ;)
Tuesday we had exchanges and I got to stay in Elmwood with Sister Trusty. Such a good day! We had lunch with Sister Berry and made about a million cookies with her and got to take a bunch home so that was fun. Saw Gary and Dusty and taught Dusty about missionary work and service, saw Karma Johnson and read 2 Nephi 4 with her. It was so good. She just always struggles so much and I felt like 2 Nephi would be the perfect chapter to read with her and she loved it! Then we saw Brother Powell. Oh, so happy :) Tried to teach him the much of it as we could get out before he started "teaching us" because he always says that he's the teacher who has to train us. Yeah, whatever....gotta love him! Then we had dinner and did yard work for Sister LaPier and I got to mow her lawn again. I'm becoming a pro ;)
Wednesday we had district meeting, then saw Sister Fofanah who is a semi-active member and we taught her the Restoration. Still haven't gotten any referrals from members BUT we've been getting referrals from other missionaries which have been so great! Anyways, then we just tried some people and worked on the area book for the rest of the night. That night we got a call from President Gardner who told us that Sister Strong was going to be transferred to Walnut Creek to be with Sister Hodges and that Sister Hyde was coming to Elmwood to be with me! I jumped up for joy and screamed...I think President thought I was a little crazy. Sister Hyde and I have been really good friends for months and we have been teasing and saying that she should come to Elmwood and guess what...we got our wish :) Dream come true! Sister Strong was really shocked and a bit nervous. She's been in Elmwood for 7 and a half months and it's her baby area so she cried quite a bit. It'll be so good for her though!
Thursday we deep cleaned the house in preparation for transfers. I love cleaning! It felt so good to get everything a little more organized and scrubbed. After that we just saw a bunch of people that Sister Strong wanted to say goodbye to. It was a great day!
Friday morning we went to transfer point and had to be there at 7:45. Woohoo! Every single companionship at the TC got changed so all 24 sisters were at transfer point. That's never happened before. It was nuts! Ok, so Sister Hyde is from Ogden Utah and has 2 older brothers and then a younger one. Only girl. We have had so much fun together already! After transfer point we got a couple things unpacked for her and then did some weekly planning to get her introduced to the area. Then we got to serve at Seven Oaks for about an hour before our TC shift that night.
Saturday...felt like waking up on Christmas morning! General Conference! We had birthday breakfast and then we were on shift that morning and luckily no one came in for tours so I was able to watch all of the session. It was so excellent and inspiring! So thankful to have a living prophet on the earth today. That night we stayed at the TC to watch the second session. We were all so excited to hear who the new apostles were to be. Then we had dinner with Gary and Dusty. Oh man, I told Sister Hyde that she was in for a treat ;) After that we saw Brother Powell because he called us and really wanted to meet the new sister so he could "break her in." Haha he's hilarious.
Sunday we watched the first session with the Skis and then had some lunch and went to the Pearsons who are a young coupe with 2 little kids and watched the second session and stayed for dinner. After that we had scheduled an appointment with our new investigator, Matt, from last week but he wouldn't answer our phone calls so we weren't sure if he was still planning on it so we went to the retirement home anyways and tried our referral from there and then Matt just happened to be right there on the same floor and asked if we were looking for him. He told us he was out of minutes so that's why he didn't answer our calls or texts. We had the BEST lesson ever with him and taught him the whole Restoration in a more detailed version. He is like the most normal man I have ever taught in this area. It was so cool. We met in the bird room (Remember that picture I sent a couple weeks ago with the bird?) and the birds were chirping like crazy but the Spirit was still so strong and when Sister Hyde started reciting the First Vision the birds immediately stopped chirping and you could tell that Matt could feel the Spirit. Such a powerful lesson. We gave him a Book of Mormon and tried setting him for baptism but he said he wasn't sure quite yet. Don't worry, we'll get him. He is so prepared. He has really bad depression so that's why he's in this facility so he could get his medications stabilized and everything. He's divorced and has a sweet girl named Hannah who's a senior. He was raised in the Catholic church but has recently decided that he wants to explore other religions. So cool! And that was my week :) Hope you all enjoyed conference also and that you will all think of something that the Holy Ghost prompted you to do that you can change and a way to become better. I love you all :)

Sister Ferrara

Last picture with Sister Strong

Sister HYDE!! You've probably seen pictures of us before that I've sent before...she's adorable. Love her.

All throughout downtown Omaha you can see tons of walls that with sweet paintings on them.
This is one of them :)

Exchanges with Trusty

Monday, September 28, 2015

Another baptism and a great week! 9/28/2015

It was such a great week! The weather is getting colder and colder every day. I love fall!
Last Monday after Preparation day was over, we served at the Trail Center and we were lucky enough to be there for the senior dinner so we got to eat their leftover feast :)
Tuesday we had a full day and saw so many people! Had lunch with Sister Scovill whom I absolutely adore! Then we saw Gary and Dusty and finished the commandments, then saw Sister Maurel...she was not doing very well that day. She has depression and many other mental illnesses and was telling us that she wanted to cut her wrists, commit suicide, use drugs, and leave her husband. It was horrible and I just wanted to cry. We read the Book of Mormon with her and prayed and she seemed to be a lot better by the time we left. We also saw Sister Finley, then it started raining outside and it was crazy! Thought we were gonna flood! It was hard to see where we were driving. It was scary! We also taught Cynthia her last lesson and then had her baptismal interview that night...then saw Sister LaPier as well. We've been teaching everyone the Restoration and it's been so wonderful! I have gained such a stronger testimony and love for Joseph Smith and the Restoration of the Priesthood by doing this.
Wednesday we had district meeting which is always great. Then we had the coolest lesson ever! So last week we got a referral named Logan Hood, so we called him up and set up a time to see him that night and we decided to ask Brea Proffitt, a member from the ward, to come with us. Well, we get to his place and realize he lives at an address where a less active lady lives. We went in and came to find out that he's a 17 year old boy who lives with his mom and 2 brothers who are 22 and 15. His mom was so excited to meet us and to have us teach her and Logan. We found out that Logan's grandma is a very active and they talk on the phone weekly and his grandma brought up the church one time and Logan said he wanted to try it out again so his grandma sent his information to us! So cool! He's such a sweet kid and hasn't been to church since he was baptized at 8 so he doesn't remember anything. We taught him the Restoration as well and the Spirit was so strong and he is so ready to come back! Such a great lesson and cool miracle! We also got to have dinner with the Corbitts. My favorite members ever! After that we saw Rashika who is a member who is just here on business but we haven't seen her at church once since she's been here so we think she might be a less active. We got out of there quickly because it was still raining at this point and we knew it was going to take a while to get back home.
Thursday we had another full day...still raining all day long! Crazy! We helped Sister LaPier with some yard work that morning, then saw sweet Karma Johnson. Taught her the Restoration and she told us she knows it's all true and she wants to be baptized again (she's excommunicated) but doesn't know when yet. Love her so much! Then we tried some people at Jackson Towers. Not much luck. Then had dinner with this adorable newly wed couple named the Strobels. They've only been married for about a month and they have the coolest story! They met on Brother Strobel's mission in Russia and he actually converted her. Then a couple years later she came to America and they got married in the temple. So neat! After that we got to see Monica and then Christina. Don't really know what to do with Christina at this point. She's still married, but dating this other guy who's been in jail that she's known forever. We try to teach her and she just gets so distracted and goes on and on about her boyfriend. She's a tough one...
Friday we were at the TC in the morning...finally! I really miss being there more often. Got to take a school tour of 3rd graders. Best thing ever! I absolutely love kids and LOVE school tours. It was so fun. After shift we did some studies, then had Cynthia's baptism that night. There were SO many people there including some of her less active and nonmember family members. She asked Marcus Corbitt to baptize her since he and Lana are her Sunday School teachers. It was so wonderful! Then we saw Sister LaPier again since we didn't have time to teach her a lesson when we went there to do yard work.
Saturday after TC training we did our studies and then weekly planned. After that we got permission to go to a Mary Kay party at Sister Scovill's house because she wanted us to meet her nonmember friend. Ha, so cool! What better way to do missionary work with makeup involved. Just kidding :) Lana Corbitt and Hannah Allen also came and it was so fun. Sister Scovill's friend, Tracy, was the one hosting the party and we were able to give her a Restoration pamphlet afterwards so we'll see what comes of it! Then we had dinner with Gary and Dusty. Had yummy burgers and then started teaching her Laws and Ordinances. After that we went to the TC to watch the Women's Broadcast which was so excellent! I love conference and can't wait to watch it this coming weekend. Anxious to find out who our next apostles will be!
Sunday we served at the TC in the morning until church at 1. Not many people were at church. Including she didn't get confirmed unfortunately. It was homecoming this weekend so we think that had to do with it, but she hasn't been responding to any of our texts so we're a little confused and worried. Hopefully she just lost her phone or something. It'll all work out :) After church a cute little 8 year old boy from the ward got baptized so we stayed for that and then had dinner with some members and tried some people. It was an excellent week! I love every day that I get to be a missionary. I hope you will all pray and ponder about someone you could send to the missionaries to have them teach the Restoration to. It's the most important message and all of our responsibility to share it with everyone! Love you all so much and hope you have a good week! Enjoy conference! :)

Sister Ferrara

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Hello from Nebraska :) 9/21/2015

My wonderful family and friends,
What a great week it's been! Didn't start out the very best, but I have definitely learned the importance of opposition in all things! Last Monday was pretty great. Sister Strong and I both got haircuts from this lady in the Old Mill ward for free. So wonderful! I got 2 inches off...I'm pretty daring ;) Then we just relaxed and took a nap the rest of the day. That night we tried some unknown people on the ward list with no answers, then Sister Strong started bringing up some concerns that she's been struggling with and we had such a great talk and were able to really come closer in unity as a companionship. Open communication is the key in every relationship! 
Tuesday...oh boy, where do I start. It was a pretty rough day. Started out pretty good. We decided since it was such a lovely day outside, we wanted to have a picnic! So we got a great lunch together and found a nice park to eat our lunch at. Then we saw Gary and Dusty and taught some of the commandments, then after that....we were pretty stuck. We tried calling several different members to have a lesson with with no luck, then tried several unknown people from the ward list as well with no luck. We were both getting pretty discouraged and didn't really know what to do. We were going to go to the RS activity, but couldn't get anyone to come with us and that was going to be our dinner. So, we had hardly any money on our cards, no dinner appointment, and our only appointment for the night cancelled. We decided to take a couple minutes to read from the Book of Mormon to seek some encouragement and revelation and were able to feel so much better. Cynthia who we were going to have an appointment with ended up being available so the Corbitts picked her up and we met them at their place and then Lana Corbitt asked us to stay for dinner. Heavenly Father is so aware of us! Miracle! Our lessons with Cynthia was wonderful, and even though we didn't teach very many people that day, it ended up being a good day. 
Wednesday we had district meeting and then TC. Not too interesting! But, after shift we dropped some sisters off at their apartment that's close to the TC and we parked while they showed us some pictures from their camera and this creepy old guy with this huge beard came and knocked on our window. We rolled it down just a tad and acting drunk he said that we had a really nice car and nice close and he thought we were "smokin." He went on about some other random stuff when we finally just had to say goodbye and roll up the window. It was so creepy and the sisters waited until he went inside before they got out of the car. Gotta love North Omaha!
Thursday we saw a less active named Richard who just got kicked out of the YSA ward. That was interesting. He is a very negative person who basically hates the world and everyone in it so had to try to just be bold but loving with him. I don't really know what to do with him. Then we tried a bunch of other people with not much luck. After that we were able to serve at the clinic and had such a great time doing that. I haven't been there in so long so it was so fun to see Dr. Fischer again and all the other volunteers there. 
Friday we were at the TC in the morning, then had dinner with Gary and Dusty. Didn't stay very long because Dusty was struggling with her depression and really needed some sleep, so we went and tried a referral at this retirement home that we had gotten from some other missionaries and met some really kind people. 
Saturday we weekly planned and then tried some people at Jackson Towers but no one seemed to want to see us there that day. Had an excellent meal with the Scholls from the ward, then saw Dusty since we had to reschedule. Finished teaching her the commandments, then saw Cynthia again with the Corbitts. She is so wonderful, I just feel so lucky to be able to teach her. She has had absolutely no problems with anything and is so prepared! It was a great lesson about the commandments as well and she will be getting baptized this Friday at 5 since the church building will be occupied all of Saturday. So excited! 
Sunday we decided to join the ward choir, so we went to practice, then performed during sacrament meeting which was lovely. Had a great dinner with the Mattsons and then had another FHE with the Scovills that they planned. It was so much fun! I absolutely LOVE the Scovills. They have a blended family so Brother Scovill has a daughter from a previous marriage, and Sister Scovill has a son from a previous marriage. Then they got married and had a son together and they are just adorable. Reminds me of my little brothers :) I have really been enjoying getting into members homes and getting to know them better. I feel like we've been able to build a lot more trust with the members and I know good things are going to come from it. I am so looking forward to this week and I hope you are all doing well! Love you so much!

 Picnic in the park

The retirement home has a "bird room" that they showed us :)