Friday, November 6, 2015

getting colder :) 10/19/2015

It's been a great week! It's starting to look dead outside and the weather is turning colder! I love it! Yes, I've already pulled out the Christmas music ;) I just can't help it! I'm ready for the holidays already! Anyways...
Last Monday after preparation day we had FHE with the Cottams and went to a park nearby and flew kites. so much fun! 
Tuesday we went on exchanges and I stayed in Elmwood with Sister Gardner who is a new STL. It was an interesting day. We did service at the library because Sister Hyde and I turned in volunteer applications so we will be going there every Tuesday to stack the books alphabetically. It was actually really enjoyable! I know, Corina is probably dying from reading this ;) Then we tried several people and didn't have much luck. Had a dinner appointment with a young couple, then had a lesson with Cynthia and started on her new member lessons. She's doing so well! 
Wednesday we had zone training which was great! Unfortunately, they had me and the other departing missionaries bear their testimonies at the's the tradition. I wasn't expecting it though because there should be one more zone training before we leave so I thought we would be doing it next month but just kidding! Not very fair I thought, but it was good. Learned a lot about how to introduce the Book of Mormon to investigators. Good meeting! We were going to see our new investigator, Sandra, but she had to reschedule. Had dinner with Gary and Dusty though and then had someone pick us all up to go to the Trail Center to watch Joseph Smith, the Prophet of the Restoration. It was excellent! 
Thursday we were at the Trail Center and then had to get our oil changed on our car. Both our appointments cancelled for the night so we saw Sister LaPier instead before she left for vacation for the weekend. 
Friday was such a good day! We mowed Sister LaPier's lawn in the morning, then Sandra cancelled...hmmm...then we went with the Scovills to pick up Kaylee from school. She's in high school and isn't a member so we want to slowly kind of get to know her without pushing anything. They took us to this cute dessert place and got a treat. It was fun :) Then we saw Brother Powell. Poor thing has a horrible toothache and is getting a tooth pulled tomorrow. Ouch! Then we were asked to help out for a TC fireside that night so we went to the TC and had some fun there. 
Saturday we had a good lesson with Matt and Brother Porter came with us to see him. They're about the same age and have a really similar story so it was just the perfect team-up and then he volunteered to pick Matt up for church the next day! Woohoo! Went back to the house after that to weekly plan. We had to meet Matt in the morning because that was the only time that would work for him. We called Sandra to see what was up and she told us that she had talked to her pastor and decided that she's happy where she's at. That was really disappointing... She was our only baptismal set! After weekly planning we had dinner and then had FHE with Gary and Dusty! It was a blast...we came with a lesson prepared about the Anti-Nephi-Lehis and talked about burying our "weapons of war." So we drew out our own swords and pretended like we were burying them. Then we played Uno Attack and Gary had the idea to share a part of our testimony each time it was our turn to help Dusty. Such a good night!
Sunday we went to ward choir and had lots of people come to church! Monica, Karma Johnson, Richard, Sister Maurel, and Matt! Had dinner with the Cottams and then saw Teresa Kelley. Good day! When we got home, Matt called us and told us church was good. We had a lesson in gospel principles about Eternal Marriage and he said he really liked it! Then he "jokingly" asked me to marry him. Yeah....awkward. SO, we're not really sure if his intentions on learning more about the gospel are good anymore... We're on a search this week to find solid investigators. I know Heavenly Father is preparing people, so we're going to find them! It was a good week! Hope you're all doing well! Love you!

Sister Ferrara 

We went to Boys Town last week for Preparation day.
This is the largest ball of stamps!

Playing marbles!

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