Friday, November 6, 2015

Weird week for me! 10/26/2015

Hello everyone! It was kind of a weird week....not a whole lot happened so this is going to be a bit of a boring email so I apologize now...
Monday we were just at the Trail Center and no one came in... sad day.
Tuesday we got to do service at the Library again which was just fantastic. Then we had dinner with the Pearson and they asked if we wanted to watch the Face2Face with the Piano Guys on with them that night and I about died. We got permission to watch it and it was SO COOL! I love them so much. So inspiring! I'm so glad they are keeping up such a good reputation and influencing so many people in the world to do good!
Wednesday we had a good district meeting and then saw Sister Finley, then Brother Powell who is now in the hospital for a little while to get his poor heart worked on. Then we had dinner with the Bloods and I started feeling really icky and nauseous. So Sister Hyde made me go home and go to bed early...such a stinker :) There's been some kind of a virus going around at the Trail Center so a lot of the sisters have had it. Just some kind of stomach flu or something. Not fun.
Thursday I still wasn't feeling very good, but we had interviews with President Gardner which went really well and then we got to serve at seven oaks before our shift at the Trail Center.
Friday....unfortunately I felt worse so we stayed home and tried to do some weekly planning but I felt so awful so I slept a bunch of the day.
Saturday I woke up to get ready for TC training because I was determined to be better and go out and work and as I was brushing my teeth I started shaking really bad and blacked out and landed on the floor... Let's just say Sister Hyde would not allow me to go out and work, so she took another sister with her to go to the appointments we had set up and then came back at about 3 and brought me some sprite for my upset stomach along with pepto bismol which helped a lot. I did eventually eat some toast and as we were in the kitchen my stomach started itching really bad so I lifted up my shirt to find hives surrounding my right side getting bigger by the second. I wanted to cry. I don't know what's been going on with my body! After about an hour they went away though, so I have no idea what happened. I was getting so frustrated because I wanted to go out and work so bad and as I was praying to Heavenly Father throughout that afternoon, He told me that everything happens for a purpose and that I would get better soon.
Sunday morning we were on shift at the TC and I was feeling quite a bit better. Still not 100%, but I was able to get ready for the day and everything, but I did take it easy. After our shift we went outside to get in the car to go to church and it wouldn't unlock or respond to anything. SO we had to take someone else's car to church and bring it back right after church and had about 3 senior elders in their suits look at our car to figure out what was wrong. The Davies who are the Facilities Management senior couple live right next to the TC thank goodness so they helped us out and then invited us for dinner which was a tender mercy because we had no dinner plans. Then we just finished up some weekly planning that night since we hadn't set any weekly goals or anything yet since I was sick. was quite the week, let me tell ya :) All is well though! Hope you all have a great week! And Happy Halloween! :)

Sister Ferrara

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