Friday, November 6, 2015

amazing week! 10/12/2015

Such an amazing week! I love being a missionary! 
Ok, so last Monday after Preparation day we were going to have FHE with the Cottams and then help dig out these pulls that they had in their backyard...they had to cancel FHE so we took the whole night to dig out ONE PULL out of the ground because it was like 5 feet into the ground and took forever. It was so hard! So we decided to go over there the next day to finish them because it got way too dark outside haha.
Tuesday we had a full day in the area. Got to have lunch with Sister Scovill. She's my favorite <3 Then tried about a million and one people and had absolutely no one open the door for us. It was a little discouraging. Finally had dinner and then worked at the Cottams to get the rest of the pulls out of the ground. Success! Sweet tender mercy...while we were outside, the Cottams sweet little girls invited us to have family scripture study and family prayer with them before they went to bed. It was so special and I just felt right at home :) 
Wednesday we had district meeting...gave my very last training as a missionary. I was pretty bummed. I had only 15 minutes to give it so it didn't turn out how I wanted it to. But I guess it'll just have to do. Then we had this perfect day planned. Ok, this is how we wanted it to go: We were going to go with Sister Scovill to pick up her nonmember step daughter from school and get a treat to surprise her so we could get to know her better, then see Brother Powell, have dinner and FHE with Gary and Dusty, then go to mutual with Cynthia and have a lesson with her afterwards. Well guess what...everything fell through! Oh, we just wanted to cry. We ended up trying to see a bunch of people like the day before with absolutely no luck. BUT, we know that sacrifice brings forth the blessings of heaven. We had received a referral from the mission office telling us that this lady wanted a bible. We called her up and she told us we could stop by the next day to give it to her so...
Thursday after lunch, we went to go see this referral, Sandra, to give her the bible. She was SO excited to see us and called us her Christian friends and invited us in her apartment. We taught her the whole Restoration, gave her a Book of Mormon and she just held it so close to her and thanked us. Set her for baptism for November 7th and she's coming to church this Sunday! Miracles all around! Woohoo! I. Love. Heavenly. Father. He always comes around ;) Well, to celebrate, since we didn't have a dinner appointment we went out to dinner at Olive Garden because Sister Hyde's mom had sent her money for her birthday that was last month so we used it to get some food. Then we did some yard work for Sister LaPier. Always fun :)
Friday we served at the Trail Center. Love that place! Did some service for the FM (Facilities Management) couple and got all the leaves out of the parking lot at the TC. I got to use a leaf blower! It was so cool! Then we had some dinner and went to the TC fireside with Gary :) 
Saturday we had our studies and weekly planned, then served at the TC and I got to take such a great tour! So the Thomas's in our ward came and brought Sister Thomas's brother and his wife to the TC. They were visiting from Sandy Utah and came out here with a coupe from Argentina. I came to find out that the man from Argentina was Sister Thomas's brother's convert from his mission 40 something years ago and they met up to have a reunion and see a bunch of cool historic places together! His wife could speak english so she translated for her husband because he didn't speak any english. It was so neat and there was such a special spirit. 
Sunday we served at the TC for a couple hours. Church was good as always :) It was Sister Hyde's first week at church since last week was General Conference. It was great! Had dinner with the Scovills, then saw Matt! Read the Introduction of the Book of Mormon with him and then started the Plan of Salvation and we brought up church again and explained it to him more and he said he's going to come next week! Yay! Then we saw Sister Johnson and read a really good conference talk with her. She told us that she's going to meet with the bishop next week because she wants to get re-baptized! Another miracle! They just never stop coming :) Heavenly Father was so good to us this week and I can't wait for this upcoming week! I better get going, so hope you are all doing well. Love you!
Sister Ferrara 

haha we swung on the swings last Monday ;) 

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