Monday, September 28, 2015

Another baptism and a great week! 9/28/2015

It was such a great week! The weather is getting colder and colder every day. I love fall!
Last Monday after Preparation day was over, we served at the Trail Center and we were lucky enough to be there for the senior dinner so we got to eat their leftover feast :)
Tuesday we had a full day and saw so many people! Had lunch with Sister Scovill whom I absolutely adore! Then we saw Gary and Dusty and finished the commandments, then saw Sister Maurel...she was not doing very well that day. She has depression and many other mental illnesses and was telling us that she wanted to cut her wrists, commit suicide, use drugs, and leave her husband. It was horrible and I just wanted to cry. We read the Book of Mormon with her and prayed and she seemed to be a lot better by the time we left. We also saw Sister Finley, then it started raining outside and it was crazy! Thought we were gonna flood! It was hard to see where we were driving. It was scary! We also taught Cynthia her last lesson and then had her baptismal interview that night...then saw Sister LaPier as well. We've been teaching everyone the Restoration and it's been so wonderful! I have gained such a stronger testimony and love for Joseph Smith and the Restoration of the Priesthood by doing this.
Wednesday we had district meeting which is always great. Then we had the coolest lesson ever! So last week we got a referral named Logan Hood, so we called him up and set up a time to see him that night and we decided to ask Brea Proffitt, a member from the ward, to come with us. Well, we get to his place and realize he lives at an address where a less active lady lives. We went in and came to find out that he's a 17 year old boy who lives with his mom and 2 brothers who are 22 and 15. His mom was so excited to meet us and to have us teach her and Logan. We found out that Logan's grandma is a very active and they talk on the phone weekly and his grandma brought up the church one time and Logan said he wanted to try it out again so his grandma sent his information to us! So cool! He's such a sweet kid and hasn't been to church since he was baptized at 8 so he doesn't remember anything. We taught him the Restoration as well and the Spirit was so strong and he is so ready to come back! Such a great lesson and cool miracle! We also got to have dinner with the Corbitts. My favorite members ever! After that we saw Rashika who is a member who is just here on business but we haven't seen her at church once since she's been here so we think she might be a less active. We got out of there quickly because it was still raining at this point and we knew it was going to take a while to get back home.
Thursday we had another full day...still raining all day long! Crazy! We helped Sister LaPier with some yard work that morning, then saw sweet Karma Johnson. Taught her the Restoration and she told us she knows it's all true and she wants to be baptized again (she's excommunicated) but doesn't know when yet. Love her so much! Then we tried some people at Jackson Towers. Not much luck. Then had dinner with this adorable newly wed couple named the Strobels. They've only been married for about a month and they have the coolest story! They met on Brother Strobel's mission in Russia and he actually converted her. Then a couple years later she came to America and they got married in the temple. So neat! After that we got to see Monica and then Christina. Don't really know what to do with Christina at this point. She's still married, but dating this other guy who's been in jail that she's known forever. We try to teach her and she just gets so distracted and goes on and on about her boyfriend. She's a tough one...
Friday we were at the TC in the morning...finally! I really miss being there more often. Got to take a school tour of 3rd graders. Best thing ever! I absolutely love kids and LOVE school tours. It was so fun. After shift we did some studies, then had Cynthia's baptism that night. There were SO many people there including some of her less active and nonmember family members. She asked Marcus Corbitt to baptize her since he and Lana are her Sunday School teachers. It was so wonderful! Then we saw Sister LaPier again since we didn't have time to teach her a lesson when we went there to do yard work.
Saturday after TC training we did our studies and then weekly planned. After that we got permission to go to a Mary Kay party at Sister Scovill's house because she wanted us to meet her nonmember friend. Ha, so cool! What better way to do missionary work with makeup involved. Just kidding :) Lana Corbitt and Hannah Allen also came and it was so fun. Sister Scovill's friend, Tracy, was the one hosting the party and we were able to give her a Restoration pamphlet afterwards so we'll see what comes of it! Then we had dinner with Gary and Dusty. Had yummy burgers and then started teaching her Laws and Ordinances. After that we went to the TC to watch the Women's Broadcast which was so excellent! I love conference and can't wait to watch it this coming weekend. Anxious to find out who our next apostles will be!
Sunday we served at the TC in the morning until church at 1. Not many people were at church. Including she didn't get confirmed unfortunately. It was homecoming this weekend so we think that had to do with it, but she hasn't been responding to any of our texts so we're a little confused and worried. Hopefully she just lost her phone or something. It'll all work out :) After church a cute little 8 year old boy from the ward got baptized so we stayed for that and then had dinner with some members and tried some people. It was an excellent week! I love every day that I get to be a missionary. I hope you will all pray and ponder about someone you could send to the missionaries to have them teach the Restoration to. It's the most important message and all of our responsibility to share it with everyone! Love you all so much and hope you have a good week! Enjoy conference! :)

Sister Ferrara

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