Sunday, September 20, 2015

I love Nebraska! 9/8/2015

Alright, so it was an amazing week! We had so many wonderful things happen and I am just so happy and grateful for the many opportunities and experiences Heavenly Father is allowing me to have!
Let me see if I can remember everything...
Monday wasn't too interesting. We served at the Trail Center that night which was really slow.
Tuesday we had lunch with this wonderful member in the ward, then helped Sister LaPier with some yard work. It was extremely hot outside and we thought we were going to have heatstroke, but it was great! She is an older lady who lives by herself so she can't do a lot of stuff like trim her bushes and mow her lawn, so we go and help her out a lot. After that we saw Christina and then had dinner in a cemetery haha. Sounds kind of creepy, but we decided we want to be adventurous! After that we went to the TC to watch Meet the Mormons with Gary and Dusty. They absolutely loved it and we had a great time!
Wednesday we had district meeting and I was asked to give another training on baptism so that was great. Since it was the BYU vs. Husker's game that weekend, we decided to be silly and ask permission to wear "game gear" so we came in t shirts and had a lot of fun. Then we saw Joe and found a new investigator, Nathan. Love Jackson Towers :) Then we had dinner with Gary and Dusty. Tried some more people, and ended up tracting into a member who just moved into the ward who we think is a less active, so we got to visit with her for a while. She is actually from Africa and served a mission, so we exchanged numbers and we're gonna try and see her again and get her to church!
Thursday was amazing. We were at the TC in the morning on Teaching Center for the first 3 hours and chatted with some people. President Gardner and his family came in for his daughter's wedding so we got to meet a lot of his family including his darling grandson. So fun! Then we had our studies after shift and had some dinner, then we got to go to the temple with Gary and Dusty and watch them do baptisms for the very first time. It was a ward temple night so all the youth were there and we weren't allowed to join them, but we just got to sit on the benches and watch and help Dusty to where she needed to be. The Spirit there brought me to tears. It was such a special experience. One that I will never, ever forget.
Friday we weekly planned in the morning, saw Gary and Dusty again to teach Dusty her new member lessons. Saw Danielle who is a less active. Then we got to go to a fireside that the BYU football team put on at the stake center. Gary came with us and oh my word was it packed. It was so neat! They basically just talked about how they prepare spiritually for games in a way that is very different from other football teams. Then they did a question and answer session for anyone to ask questions. I am not exactly the biggest football fan, but it was fun anyways!
Saturday we were at the TC in the morning and then got to leave an hour early so we could get to the Reeve's house to watch the game! They're a family in the Cottonwood ward and they invited all of us sisters to watch the game at their house, so almost all of the sisters in the Papillion zone went and we got permission to use the transfer van that the Assistants use to drive around new missionaries and such. That way we didn't have to drive ourselves all the way over there and use our miles. It was the best thing ever! Again, not the biggest football fan, but wow! I haven't ever been so excited to watch a football game in my life! BYU did win, and it was awesome! Lots of Nebraska fans were disappointed. Still are. It will probably be talk for the next month or so. Nebraskas are extremely into their football team. The Reeves made us so much food and grilled hamburgers and hotdogs and we played ping pong during halftime. I felt so was so weird! It was also Christina's birthday that day so we went and saw her and brought her a Mountain Dew since it's her favorite drink.
Sunday morning at the TC was CRAZY! Ever since Friday it was packed with BYU fans who were coming for the game and stopped to the see the TC on the way. On Friday we had over 600 people come in all in blue for the game. And then Saturday kind of slowed down a little bit since they were all traveling to the game, and then Sunday was seriously insane. I don't think I've ever seen the TC that busy before. We would have group after group and group. We would just combine groups together so most of the time we had 3 groups put in each of the 3 theaters and just have to take them all on tours at the same while more groups came in. We had people parking across the street because we were out of parking spots! Crazy! Luckily we were only there until 12:30. Then church was great. Dusty got up to bear her testimony. It was so sweet :) We were so very proud of her!
Yesterday for Preparation day since it was Labor Day, the Cottams invited us to go to their family barbecue in Elkhorn so we were with them just about the whole day. The libraries were all closed so that's why we're emailing today. It was so much fun! Felt like I was with my own family. Then we had an amazing lesson with Cynthia finally. We haven't been able to see her in about 2 weeks. We reset her for baptism for September 26th. She has an uncle who is not a member and is trying to convince her otherwise. That's why she hasn't been feeling like she's ready, but we had a great lesson with her and helped her understand that it was all her decision and that she needs to just pray about it and Heavenly Father will help her to know what she needs to do. She is so sweet! Then we went back to the Cottams because Sister Cottam and I are singing a musical number for sacrament meeting this coming Sunday so we went over to practice our song. Such a great week! Hope you are all doing well also! I love you so much!

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