Sunday, September 20, 2015

Rough Week :) 8/31/2015

This week was pretty rough...we had a lot of good things happen, but also not the best.
I wasn't feeling very good at the beginning of the week, so I took some time to rest up. Wednesday we had zone conference which was so amazing! We talked a lot about the rules of the mission and we've had some changes! Before, we could only listen to MOTAB, but no more! We can listen to anything that is uplifting and talks about the gospel and Jesus Christ. We have all been really excited about that. I performed a musical number because President Gardner asked me to sing a I decided to play an arrangement of O My Father to the tune of Come Thou Fount while I sang the words. First time I've ever done that, but it was pretty cool! About a month ago, President Gardner invited us to memorize 12 scriptures that he had picked out and told us he would announce a prize for anyone who did it, so at zone conference he told us that the prize was that we could watch the BYU vs. Huskers football game this coming Saturday. Football is like Nebraska's religion, so this is kind of a big deal! We're all super excited for that! We also were able to go to the temple on Friday which was really wonderful and such a good tender mercy for me. I really needed that extra boost. It was at a time where I was feeling really discouraged and feeling frustrated with the work and going to the temple can always give you an extra boost of encouragement. The Spirit there is indescribable and I felt my Heavenly Father's love so strongly. I know that the temple is the House of God and we need to go more often as a whole. We have so many temples on the earth today and I know that we can all receive personal revelation there if we just take the time to go. I so wish I could go more often. As missionaries, we can only go once every 3 months or so. I encourage you all to make a commitment to set a time every month to go whether with your spouse or not.
Let's see....Cynthia is actually going to wait for another month to get baptized because she doesn't feel ready quite yet. Gary and Dusty are doing so well and we have a ward temple trip this coming week and we're going to be able to go with them! We have been strongly encouraged to go to the temple with our recent converts a week after their baptism, so this is going to be so wonderful! They are both doing family history and are trying to get family names that they can take. So wonderful! It was more of a dead week. We saw some other people, but nothing too interesting. Sorry this is kind of a lame email. It wasn't the most exciting weeks, but I know this week will be better. I love you all and hope you're doing well.

Sister Ferrara

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