Sunday, September 20, 2015

Hello Fall! 9/14/2015

It's starting to look and feel like fall around here. I love it! I absolutely love the fall. So many beautiful colors especially with so many trees here, and it's just cool enough outside to have a picnic :) This week was another good one!
I already told you about Monday since we emailed on Tuesday, so on Tuesday we saw Gary and Dusty to finish up The Plan of Salvation, then saw Joe, had dinner with Sister Sorensen and had salmon burgers. That was interesting...then went and helped Sister LaPier with her yard work. I learned how to mow the lawn! It was so exciting! I didn't realize how fun it was :)
Wednesday we were at the TC in the morning. It's gotten slow again, so not many visitors. All the quilts got set up downstairs though so we got to help with that since the Quilt Show started on the 11th. Had dinner with our RS president and discussed some of the women in the ward which was good, then we were going to go to mutual with Cynthia, but she ended up not being able to go so we finished up our work at Sister LaPier's because we had a bunch to do still.
Thursday we had zone training which was excellent! We talked a lot about teaching the members the Restoration through the pamphlets and getting referrals and also dropping people who aren't progressing. We made a goal with our district to have a member lesson every single day of the week and to get through the whole ward list teaching them the Restoration. It's been going really well so far! We've learned how to teach it in 15 minutes or less so we can get into lots of different houses with the same message. It's different, but great stuff! Then we were on shift that night and didn't take a single tour :/
Friday we had a full day in the area and it was awesome! We saw so many people! We saw a new less active that showed up to church the previous Sunday and then asked us to come over. Then we saw the Tippets who are an older couple in the ward, taught them the about an hour because they wanted to tell us their love story and all that fun stuff. Haha! No referral, but at least we tried! Then we went and saw Brother Powell for our appointment but he is actually really sick with the flu! He's been sick for about a week and a half the poor guy. Can't keep anything down, so he's had to go to the ER a couple times. Pray for him please! After that we saw Danielle at Jackson Towers and ended up running into a guy named Richard who just got "kicked" out of the single's ward and is a less active and we were trying to get ahold of him and he just happened to be downstairs in the lobby area. Miracle! After that we had dinner with Gary and Dusty to celebrate Gary's birthday! We helped Dusty make pancakes. Delicious :) Then we saw Monica that night and taught her the Restoration as well, and then drove to the Cottams to practice our song for Sunday. Wonderful day!
Saturday we had TC training in the morning and had a Hymn Fest to celebrate the 30 year anniversary of the newest hymnbooks. Then we had our studies and started weekly planning. A couple earlier we had gotten a call from the elders in Shenandoah, Iowa who told us that there was a nonmember who was moving from Shenandoah to our area and that we should go help her move when she got here on Saturday. We called her up and told her we could help, so on Saturday around noon we went over there and helped her unpack her little trailer. Her husband just passed away 4 weeks and she wanted to move to have a fresh start because she's been really struggling. She's interested in learning more about our church and was just so grateful for our help. How much more prepared can you be?! Miracle! We're gonna go back and see her sometime this week. She is the sweetest lady in the world and has so much love and trust in the Lord. After that we were on shift and had our last Teaching Center time because now that it's getting slower, we've had a change in the schedule. We will only be on shift at the TC twice a week most of the time and will no longer have time for chat. There has been a lot of grumbling about it from all the sisters and it's going to be an interesting and different 3 weeks. We'll see how long it lasts. We all have dropped a lot of people in our areas, and now that we have a lot more time in our areas, we don't really know what to do! I know it will all work out though. Change is necessary :)
Sunday was great. First time my entire mission that I wasn't on shift at the TC at all. Made me really sad :( We actually had time in the morning to have our studies and finish our weekly planning, then we went to church! Richard did come which was awesome! And Monica also came. Sister Cottam and I sang our musical number with Sister Strong playing the piano, and it was so beautiful :) We had a lovely dinner appointment that night and then planned an FHE with the Scovill which was so fun! And that was our week :) Hope you are all doing well! Love you!

Sister Ferrara

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