Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Transfer Week! 3/9/2015

Hello everyone! It has been an insane week, so I'm just going to get started!
Monday we had our usual meeting with the Crandalls, and then Sister Cragun had to get to her departing interview with President Weston, so she went with Sister Tune who was also having her interview so I stayed with Sister Trusty with some time to go shopping and email and such. Then we met back up and went to volleyball which was super fun. Then at 4 we had to pick up Sister Scott who was serving in Grand Island and needed a place to stay because she was leaving as well. That night we had a farewell dinner at the Crandalls for all the departing sisters then saw Charlie and Josh and then Chris and Girly.
Tuesday we had to get Sister Scott to the mission office by 9:30 for her departing interview, and then rushed to the post office so Sister Cragun could send a package home of things she couldn't fit in her suitcases. Then waited at the mission office for sometime to wait for Sisters Hodges and Case because Sister Hodges was my temporary companion until Friday. Luckily we were on shift at the Trail Center that night so we were able to be there for Departing Testimonies, so that wasn't our final goodbye. Sister Hodges and I rushed to Council Bluffs for Sister Hodges appointment with Sister Saufley who is a counselor for the stake. Then rushed to the TC for our shift. We weren't allowed to stay and watch all of Departing Testimonies, but we went down afterwards and got to say goodbye to everyone. Bitter sweet experience. We had 26 missionaries leave this transfer and only 9 came in! 
Wednesday we went to my district meeting at the TC and then were on shift in the afternoon. Nothing too interesting. Man, those couple days without my actual companion were so lonely. I felt so lost and overwhelmed!
Thursday we found out about all the transfer changes and the new missionaries came to the TC for a tour and everything. I love Thursday before transfers. It's so exciting! All the zone leaders in the area come here to get the transfer list and President and Sister Weston come and everyone's freaking out and....it's just great! Haha! Then we served at the Clinic that night.
Friday was transfers! My new companion is Sister Brower! She is from Idaho Falls, Idaho and is SO wonderful. I know her pretty well because we've gone on exchanges before and everything, so it's very cool! I love her so much already! We have such similar personalities and think the exact same way, and get along so well! We have such a good open relationship already, and have had so much fun so far! She is a little bit frazzled with this new adjustment, but she is so perfect for this job! We have 4 new sisters at the TC-Sisters Young, Slater, Strong, and Murphy. They are all so wonderful and just darling. I'm a grandma! Sister Durrant is training Sister Young! How'd I get so old so quickly?! :) After we helped all the sisters get situated with their new companions and cars and such, we dropped Sister Brower's things at the Craig house, (Yes, I'm still living at the same house. I'm convinced I'll be here for my entire mission. Lucky me!) then headed straight to the TC. We had a lot to do to prepare for New Sister Orientation and the schedule and the transfer board and miles and everything. We were there just about all day. Both our appointments cancelled which was actually a tender mercy because we had so much to figure out. I am actually surprised at how well I'm doing with everything. I didn't realize how much I know and how much I would remember. The Lord has definitely been here for me every step of the way!
Saturday we had to give a little training for TC Training to explain all the new changes we're having. We no longer have chat shifts. We have Teaching Center to follow up with people we've taken on tours and then spend a small portion for chatting which is really exciting! And a lot of other changes that are happening. It's definitely an adjustment, but I think all the sisters will get used to it. We only had about an hour to get everything else figured out for New Sister Orientation which went from 10-1. It went so well. It's as if Sister Brower and I have been companions for months already. After lunch with the Crandalls, we went and tried to see some people since we finally had some time in our area, and then went to our ward party! It was so much fun. It was all about family history, so some families in the ward presented things from their genealogy. One family is from Scotland, and their girls do Scottish dances, so they performed for us and it was so neat! After the party we had ward coordination.
Sunday was great. I always love going to church. I love this ward so much :) Then we were on chat for the rest of the afternoon. Last chat shift for my entire mission most likely! Anyways, it was such a good week and I'm so glad it's over! Haha I hope you're all doing well. I love you so much!
Sister Ferrara :)

My new companion! Love her!

Transfer point-Sister Allen left the TC and went back to full pros :(

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