Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Another Great Week in Nebraska 3/2/2015

Hello everyone! Hope you're all doing well! What a crazy week it has been. Very good, but crazy.
Sister Cragun's last week, so it was kind of rough. She has really been struggling, so we've been all over the place.
Last Monday after preparation day we had dinner with the Downums and had a great time with them. Then saw Charlie and then Chris. Brother Bendorf came with us to see Chris and it went very well. We're just waiting around for Girly to agree to be married! AHH! 
Tuesday we had a very early 7-9 meeting with Chris Billings who came from Utah who is in the Missionary Department. He came to train on how to best receive contact information from visitors and then to teach them on the computer. It's something that we're putting a lot more emphasis on. Then we had to get to a meeting with the Council Bluffs stake president, but got lost...so ended up going back home because we were actually supposed to be on exchanges with the Eagle Run Sisters. I went with Sister Purcell and we had a great time. I have come to really love exchanges. I love teaching with these sisters and helping them and getting to know them better. We got to see Debbie finally! Haven't seen her in forever. She just recently had a stroke, so it was perfect timing for us to see her and uplift her a little bit. Then we saw Tressie in Bennington and had dinner and then saw Cathleen. Oh, Cathleen just kills me. I love her so much. She hasn't been to church in a few weeks, so we were talking to her about it and she's just kinda funny and not completely mentally all there. I asked her if she would promise me that she would be at church the next Sunday, and she just sat there for a few minutes and said, "No." Haha, uh, well why not?! She cracks me up. Anyways, Wednesday we had another 8-9 meeting with Chris Billings and did a lot of practicing and role playing and such. Then we had a separate meeting with him and the Crandalls and talked in more detail about some remodeling that we're having on the Trail Center. Overwhelming, but necessary! Change means progression. We gotta have it! Then we had district meeting and went out to lunch for Sister Cragun's last district meeting. Sad day. Then we were on shift for a little bit but then had someone cover our shift because we were asked by the Assistants to help out with a Mission prep class for the Omaha stake. We asked 2 other sets of sisters to help out, and we were split into different groups and were asked to demonstrate how to teach the first lesson and then have a question and answer session with 17-18 year old girls. It was such a cool experience! It was way fun! 
Thursday we served at the Trail Center in the morning and then clinic that night. Same old Thursday :)
Friday we had our MLC meeting which was so excellent. I really love being in this leadership position. I have learned and grown so much in these last few months. I'm grateful for such inspired leaders and this opportunity to serve the Lord in this way. We talked a lot about change and a quote I love from a talk we were asked to read is "If you stick with what you've got, then you'll get what you've always gotten." Again, change is necessary in this life and helps us learn and progress! I hope you will all ponder the question do you change every single day? In order to become who the Lord wants you to be, then you have to be changing constantly. I am so grateful for my mission and how much I have changed since I have been here. I am not the same person I was when I first got here. It's all through the Atonement of Jesus Christ.
I love you all so much and hope and pray that you are doing well. Hope you have an amazing week!
Sister Ferrara :)

All the sister training leaders in the mission at MLC!

Sister Hodges and myself!

District picture...wow

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