Tuesday, July 14, 2015

72 degrees??? 3/16/2015

Hello everyone! Hope you've had a great week! I sure have! I can't begin to express how happy I am! I love my companion, Sister Brower, so much! We have had some wonderful experiences and memories this week! Finally got to put the tights away because the weather this week has been heavenly! And it was spring break so lots more people came to the TC and lots of people are outside that we can talk to! 
Monday we didn't do much. Got Sister Brower unpacked and more settled at the house since we didn't have any other time to do it before then. After preparation day we had dinner and family night with our bishop's family, the Osterls. Wonderful family! Then we saw Chris and Girly. They are doing well. About the same. Still trying to get Girly to feel more comfortable with us. We talked with the YM's president and coordinated a time to have Girly do a mutual activity and do the girl's nails and teach them some cool things so that will be awesome! 
Tuesday we didn't have to go on exchanges since we only have 4 sets of sisters in our stewardship so lucky for Sister Brower she gets to wait a little while and get used to the area more before we go on exchanges. We saw Kaynesha who is actually moving this next Friday so we won't get to teach her anymore :/ We'll be contacting the missionaries in her area to get them to visit her though. We also saw Charlie and Josh and had our lesson outside! We've got to get Charlie to church, dang it. Someday. He knows what he needs to do. Honestly, he's just lazy. Seems to be a challenge for everyone here in Nebraska. He'll get there though! 
Wednesday we had zone conference! Such an excellent meeting! We did a lot of role playing and practicing which is something we're trying to do more of each of our meetings. 50% training, then 50% practice. It helps a lot! Sister Brower and I got to do a role play demonstration which was a little intimidating, but it went well :) That night we saw Valeri! She continues to progress! Next lesson we will be talking to her about the Word of Wisdom...she has a bit of a problem with that. But, who doesn't in Nebraska? Then we had a great dinner with some members and it was really neat. We didn't have much time to plan a lesson for them since we had zone conference all day, but when we got there, the wife was really struggling because her grandma is passing away. We were able to share a spiritual thought with them that was completely by the Spirit, and the husband asked us if we had planned that lesson for them. When we told them we hadn't, he told us he could tell that we were very inspired missionaries. Made us feel really good. We have felt like each and every one of our lessons has been so in tune with the Spirit and we teach so well together. Feels like we've been teaching together for months. We are so united as a companionship and I love it so much! Ok, so funny thing that happened that night...so we are in a car share still. Haven't had my own car since I've been out. And on all the cars that we use the headlights always turn on automatically. Well, we were driving back to the TC from Bennington and it was pitch black outside. We had just passed a police car who had pulled someone over and said "too bad for them," when a few minutes later, we saw the police car right behind us pulling us over too! I was a little shocked and freaked out and had no idea what was going on. I was obviously not speeding because tiwi hadn't yelled at me, so what had I done wrong?! The police officer told me I didn't have my headlights on. Yup, idiot. Didn't even realize it. It was an older car than the other cars that we use, so the police officer had to show me how to turn the lights on because I wasn't sure how to. I felt so humiliated. Luckily he just gave me a warning. But still! I was so embarrassed :) 
Thursday we were at the TC then the clinic, then we got to see Cathleen because we ended dinner with Dr. Fischer earlier than normal. 
Friday we were at the TC in the morning, then saw Cassie and Judy who are less actives. Then saw the Ridgeways for a little bit. Hopefully we'll be able to reset Deangelo for baptism soon. They're still having some family issues. Then we had dinner with Missy who is a single mom. Her kids were at their grandma's, so we got to just spend time with her and help her clean her kitchen. She is so wonderful and gave us a whole bunch of leftover gluten free spaghetti and meatballs. Then we saw Tressie who is also doing well. It was a busy day! It was just go, go, go! We saw so many people! I love missionary work :) 
Saturday we were in our area the whole day! Got to see a recent convert who just moved into our ward from the Eagle Run ward which is where Sister Brower just got transferred from. Kind of a cool miracle! She is only 21 and has 2 tiny little girls. We took about an hour trying to find where she lives so that was pretty frustrating. Then we saw Valeri again. Taught her the rest of Lesson 2. Haha funny Florence experience...we were driving back to the house to have dinner and turned left to a street and a big truck was trying to squeeze past us and the road wasn't very big...so the (black) guy driving the truck who was kinda younger reversed, and let us go first and then rolled his window down and smiling said "ladies first." Oh boy...gotta love Florence :) Probably wouldn't be funny to you because you had to have been there. It was just kinda creepy. Totally hitting on us. Anyways, then we got to go to the adult session of stake conference that night where we talked a lot about counsels. Taught me a lot about how to have counsels in my own family someday! Cassie and Judy came with us to that :) 
Sunday morning we had stake conference! Valeri, Christy, and Bruce came and sat with us! Such an inspiring meeting! Then we spent the rest of the day at the TC! It was a wonderful week! I look forward to this upcoming week for zone trainings! Love you all so much!
Sister Ferrara :) 

Game faces??

3 point shoot...yikes!

Those who competed in zone olympics. I did 92 situps in 3 minutes. Pretty sore for days after that :) 
Best friends

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