Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Rain Rain Go Away 5/25/2015

It's been a really great week! We've had so much rain, which is great because it makes everything look so beautiful and green...but it's also so muggy and wet all the time! I do not like the humidity! It's worth dealing with though! I love Nebraska more and more every day! Let's see....
Last Monday we celebrated Sister Young's birthday by going to Cheesecake Factory and then the mall. So very wordly...Sister Brower and I felt so uncomfortable the entire time. We wanted to do what she wanted though since it was her birthday. That night we saw Valeri and talked to her about the Law of Chastity. Oh man, was that a fun lesson :) Then we saw Chris. He's been so stressed with work. I don't know if I've told you this or not, but he owns his own lawn care business, and it's growing a lot so he's always working now. We talked to him about having more patience with people since he's been struggling with that with the people that work for him. 
Tuesday we went on exchanges. I got to go with my baby, Sister Durrant! She is so amazing! She's with a wonderful companion now, so she really is probably the happiest she has ever been on her mission. She's finally at the point where she never wants to leave and she just loves this work so much and has such an enthusiastic, motivated attitude! We saw some amazing miracles. We got to see Cathleen. She's so sweet...she has some of her kids living with her right now and because she's a little slow, they take advantage of her all the time and take her car and it's been hard for her. We also got to see Ellen and then had dinner with the Bacons! They are one of my favorite families in this ward and they're moving at the end of June :( I was having a bit of a rough start of the day feeling really exhausted and worn out. Just kind of getting negative thoughts in my head that I wasn't making a difference in anyone's lives or anything. Just the normal kind of thoughts that missionaries get at times, and having dinner with their family really helped me. Helped me realize that the people here really do care and love me! We also got to see the Ridgeways and watched the Because He Lives video with them. Brother Ridgeway still won't let Deangelo get baptized...kind of a bummer. 
Wednesday we just had district meeting and then went to lunch with all the elders because someone offered to pay for all our meals. That was super fun! Then served at the Trail Center in the afternoon and worked some things out with Sister Crandall in preparation for the new transfer next week! Yes, this is the last week of the transfer. Yikes!
Thursday we served at the Trail Center in the morning. We've been having a ton of school tours coming in since it's the end of the school year. It's super fun! We served at the Clinic that night. So random fact! I've been doing these really weird hiccups for months now. Sister Brower and I decided to call them "burpiccups" because it's a burp and hiccup at the same time. I'll do like 20 of them every single day without fail. Kind of weird and they're really loud so everyone laughs at me :) So I finally asked Dr. Fischer about it and he said he'd get me a free medication to take that will make it go away. He said he may just be from lack of sleep. Makes sense, right? Anyways, he was teasing me and saying that every time I do it, something comes out from the other end also. He was joking of course and I was sitting next to him during dinner so every time I did it he would look at me funny and start fanning from behind me like I had stinkered. Haha he's a dork. 
Friday we saw Christy and Jimmie her boyfriend was finally there! He's been working so much, but had the weekend off because he's been really sick. It was good to see him after such a long time but holy cow...I just wanna pop him sometimes. He is the most prideful, errogant, stubborn, self centered, hypocritical man I have ever met. You have to just learn to be nice and bite your tongue most of the time because it's not worth getting in an argument with him. He has such a strong opinion about everything and will just vent to us every time we go over there so I don't understand why he likes it so much when we come over. He never lets us have a single word in! Whatever. I love him anyways :) We also got to see Valeri again. Gave her a picture of Christ and of the Winter Quarters temple to hang in her trailer. Then we gave her the General Conference Ensign that we had ordered for her. Read a talk with her and then she just broke down in tears. Never seen her cry before. She was expressing to us that this perverted man that she's known for a long time was giving her a ride to the grocery store this last week and grabbed her chest. Made her so angry and violated of course! She told us that she did a lot of bad things 10 years ago. Slept around, was addicted to drugs, and all other things. It's been frustrating to her that some people can't accept that she's changed and wants to be a better person who follows God. Sister Brower and I were just in tears. It hurt us both so much that she was hurting so much. I could feel Heavenly Father's love for her so strongly. She was telling us that she has just felt like one thing after another comes up and she can't handle it anymore. She has a very heavy case of depression and bipolar disorder, and has felt like God hasn't been around to help her. I shared with her the verses in D&C 121 where Joseph Smith was in Liberty Jail and felt that God had deserted him. The Spirit was so strong and Valeri expressed to us over and over again how much she loves us and loves when we come over. She told us that we have changed her life. She has come such a long way and I feel so privileged to be here the entire time so watch her growth. If she was the only reason I was sent here to Nebraska then I would feel successful like I had fulfilled my purpose. I love being a missionary and coming to know and love these people as much as Heavenly Father does. My mission has changed my life completely. Valeri has changed my life. I can't thank the Lord enough for sending me here to this area at this point in time. 
Saturday was amazing as well! After TC training we got to go to the elder's baptism in our ward. Valeri came and so did Christy and Bruce. I was asked to play the piano, and Sister Brower led the music. Christy said that her time was next. Whenever "next" means. Hopefully soon. I think Valeri enjoyed it! She asked if the water was cold. She really wants to make sure the water is warm when she gets baptized :) The family of the 3 kids that got baptized invited everyone to golden corral and they paid for all of us! We challenged Bruce to hand out a Book of Mormon to someone. He was really shy, so I went with him and we gave it to the waitress. He did so good! Then we helped Chris plant his garden! I had forgotten how much I love doing yard work! We got to see Alicia our investigator we haven't been able to see in a while because of her health. Had dinner with the bishop and his family. Then tried some other people. Successful day! 
Sunday we had ward conference. We have such great leaders in this stake! Jimmie, Christy, and Bruce came to church! Jimmie hasn't been to church in months! It was wonderful!
Such a great week! This week is transfer week so wish me luck! We're getting only 1 new sister, but that will mean we'll be back to being even. No more trio! Thank goodness! Love you all! Stay safe and happy :)
Sister Ferrara :)

Last week at Cheesecake Factory. Everything was so expressive so we bought and shared this ginormous salad

Guess who came into the Trail Center! This is Sister Carlson from Bellevue 1st. She was a former RS President when I was there and it was so fun to see her! She was trying to set me up with her son that just returned from his mission in December. Tried to find a way for us to meet sometime. She's nuts, but I love her :) 

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