Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Transfers! 6/1/2015

Hello everyone! Yes, we had transfers. No longer in a trio! Back to being with just Sister Brower again as the Trail Center Leader. Such a huge boulder has been lifted off our shoulders! It's been great! Transfer week is always really crazy and busy, so not much happened in our area. 
Monday after preparation day we had a deep clean of the Trail Center. Always so fun! I love cleaning! Kind of stressful when we have ALL the sisters together at once though. They all like to socialize and have fun so it can be hard being the leader and trying to get everyone staying on task and doing what they're supposed to be doing. It was Memorial Day, so at 8:30 we had a nice little ceremony that we put together with the Crandalls. Said the pledge and sang the Star Spangled banner together, then we went up to the cemetery and Sister Willis told her ancestor's story and we sang Come, Come Ye Saints together. Then we each got a balloon per companionship to send off into the sky. It was really special! 
Tuesday we were at the Trail Center in the morning and then tried some people in the area with no luck, so we went over to Jimmie, Christy's to have dinner. Jimmie always cooks us so much food so you gotta prepare yourself. Then we watched 17 miracles with them! We were all in tears by the end. Including Jimmie. He is a softy if he wants to be. They all loved it so much! 
Wednesday we had district meeting and watched The Testaments. Not sure if it was allowed, but we did it anyways because that's what our district leader prepared! Took pictures together of course since it was our last meeting of the transfer. Went to Panda Express for dinner and had such an interesting experience that is really hard to explain so I hope I can express it well enough. We were sitting at a table eating, and I looked out the window to see a boy probably 13 or 14 years old, wearing a hat and shades over his eyes with a little bag on his back. He had a nice phone that he pulled out of his pocket and took a picture of the sign up front. Then I watched him walk inside and sit down at the table right next to ours. I was so intrigued with this boy and couldn't seem to stop watching him. It was as if the whole world stopped. I had completely tuned everything out and had all focus towards him. He pulled his phone out as if to be reading a text, shook his head, and then I could see his little chin start to quiver. He grabbed his hat and started to pull it down to cover his eyes so no one could see that he was crying. It totally broke my heart. It was the strangest thing. It was like I could feel what he was feeling. I suddenly got really horrible butterflies in my stomach and started shaking uncontrollably. I knew I needed to go talk to that boy. The other sisters started packing up their stuff and I got really stressed and flustered suddenly. He got up to go pay for something at the register and I just stood their next to the table we were sitting at while all the other sisters headed towards the door. It felt like I had 2 forces on me. One was pushing me towards the boy, and the other almost physically made me unable to do that. I finally walked towards Sister Brower and asked if she had a Because He Lives card because I was out. She pulled one out, then I decided that wasn't enough so I asked if she had a Book of Mormon also. I felt so unprepared. No one did, so she walked out to the car while I stood there shaking like a leaf. Sister Young asked if I was ok. I had no explanation. She took a few minutes, but finally came back and I noticed she had put a Plan of Salvation pamphlet in the front page. Later that day she told me she was prompted to put that inside and to also write down our name and phone number in the front. Without question I walked towards him and sat down next to him at the table. Asked him what his name was and he said it was Justin after looking over to the right and completely avoiding eye contact. I could tell he was really uncomfortable. I told him my name, and then to be honest, I don't even really remember what I said after that. I think I basically just told him that I was a missionary for my church and I go around teaching about Jesus Christ and The Book of Mormon. Asked if he had ever heard of it before. He said no, so I said it was a book that meant a lot to me so i wanted him to have a copy because I knew it would make him happy and bring him peace. Then i stood up, smiled at him, and after he thanked me I told him I hoped he would have a good day. As we drove back to the TC all I could think about was that kid. I was still shaking really bad and really worried about him. I kept thinking I should've stayed longer and talked to him more. Or maybe we should've turned around to go back. I haven't heard from him since then, but I hope what I said impacted him in someway. I know it wasn't me. I know that Satan and the Holy Ghost were wrestling because for some reason the kid needed me at that time. It was one of the most powerful feelings I have ever gotten. I really can't describe what happened that day, but I have comfort knowing that I did follow the prompting I got. I will never forget that experience. 
Thursday we found out all the changes for transfers. Best day of all of transfer week! It's seriously like Christmas morning! Then when you find out all the changes, the excitement suddenly disappears. We only got 9 new missionaries this time! They're all really great! We got 1 new sister who's from England and has a REALLY heavy accent. She's adorable! 
Friday we went to transfer point early in the morning. Transfer point is so fun! Got Sister Young situated with her new companion and everything, then we got to talk to a bunch of good friends we haven't seen in a while or who were getting transferred. Then we went to Sister Brower's doctor's appointment. She has a droopy eye. I don't know if you notice in our pictures, but her grandpa was really concerned and wanted us to go check it out. Everything's fine! No major problems. Then we had lunch and went to the TC to get started on all our stuff. Schedule took a while because we have a bunch of things happening this month. Zone conference, zone training, field trips, etc. We also had to update committees and change the transfer board and start on miles and prepare for New Sister Orientation the next day. Had dinner with Kitty. Really scared we were gonna get stuck there forever and not be able to finish the schedule because John always talks our ears off. When we got there, he said he was on his way out though. Miracle! 
Saturday- Westons last TC training. All the sisters sang President Weston's favorite primary song for the musical number. I Feel My Savior's Love. A lot of us were crying by the end. New Sister Orientation was great. Only 1 new sister so we were worried it would be kinda awkward, but it turned out fine. She told us all about England and everything. It was way fun! After lunch at the Crandalls, we went over to Dr. Fischer to pick up some outside games that we're using today for our late Memorial day celebration with all the sisters. Then we had a bunch of other things to finish up at the TC. Field trip schedule, miles, transfer pictures. Anyways, it was  along weekend. 
Sunday was really good to be able to take the sacrament and take a breather. Christy surprised us and showed up at church with Bruce. And Cathleen came as well! It's summer alright because when we got to the Trail Center for our shift we already had tours that we needed to take before we go to eat lunch. We all took about 3-4 tours. I love when it's busy! A big BYU-I Church History tour group came in and I got to take half of them. Didn't know any of them personally, but found some connections from back home and it was so fun. Kind of torturous because it was my school and made me BYU-I homesick. It was a great week and I'm excited for this upcoming week! Hope you're all doing well! I love you so much!
Sister Ferrara :)

District pictures

Sisters in our district

Holding our "baby"

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