Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Hello There! 6/15/2015

Such a wonderful week! We've had super hot days, and super rainy days as well. Love it!
Last Monday for Preparation day we were exhausted! So we seriously went shopping, came home, and took about a 2 hour nap. We've been so busy. It just never ends! Then we were on shift for the rest of the night. Not very eventful. 
Tuesday morning we had a chance to be in our area. It reached 107 degrees, and no one was home or wanted to let us in because it was so hot!! So before our TC shift we decided to grab a slushy at Sonic to cool down. We did get to stop by and see Mary Scott whom we haven't seen in forever because of her crazy work schedule. She's that investigator we found from the Florence Day Parade. She's still interested in having us come over, so hopefully we'll be able to find more time to see her. 
Wednesday we had zone conference! We had to be there by 8 for a leadership meeting with the assistants and other zone leaders and sister training leaders. Zone conference was so amazing and inspiring! Talked all about the Atonement. We were asked to read the talk Missionary Work and the Atonement by Elder Holland in preparation for it and it was just mind blowing. I am so grateful for the Atonement! It's something I won't ever fully understand or comprehend, but I know it is real. I have SUCH a strong testimony of the Savior's sacrifice for us. It is only through the Atonement of Jesus Christ that we can be healed from anything and everything. It has worked in my life, and I know it can work in yours if you only allow it to. Sister Weston gave a training about change and basically introduced the Gardners to us by reading some information about them to us and showed us these huge poster pictures of them and their family. Everyone is getting a little nervous about getting a new mission president. It will be an adjustment, but we have to have it in order to continue to progress in the way the Lord wants us to! At the end, President Weston gave us all a group interview where he gave us all the life advice that we could ever need. I felt like Heavenly Father was speaking directly to me. Then he gave us all a blessing as a group and the Spirit there was indescribable. It's truly amazing how the Lord chooses the leaders that He needs on the earth. I know the Heavenly Father not only assigned me to Nebraska, but He also assigned me to the Westons. And also the Gardners even before they were called as the new mission president. It was all in the Lord's plan. After zone conference, we had dinner with the Huffstutters. Jimmie and Christy got in a ridiculous argument and were yelling at each other over some little thing right in front of us so it was kind of awkward. We had stuffed peppers. Never had them before, and I loved them! I did burn the roof of my mouth though haha I guess I got really excited and put this big mouthful in and because it was so big I couldn't chew it right away so it was just sizzling the top of my mouth and I got a blister from it. Ouch! So worth it though. It was delicious! We were able to see Rebecca our new less active that we're working with. A member of the relief society presidency came with us and they were the perfect match! Rebecca is the first less active that I've met on my mission that is so prepared to come back. We're hoping to be able to get her to the temple and then we could go with her! That would be the best thing ever! 
Thursday I had a doctor's appointment because my upper back and shoulder has still been bothering me a lot. The backpack has helped a lot, but Sister Weston told me to get in to see a doctor so I finally gave in and he just told me my muscles are really tense so he gave me some prescriptions to take and then exercises that I have to do twice a day. Such a pain. Sister Brower keep me in line though and does them with me. She's too nice ;) Then we were on shift at the TC the rest of the day. Then served at the clinic that night. Pretty great day!
Friday we went on exchanges with the Lakeview sisters. I went with Sister Funk in her area and we had some great fun! Their area is very rich so not a lot of people let them in because they're all doing fine and don't think they need the gospel! It's really sad, but that's about how our day went. Tried a ton of less actives and potential investigators, but no one answered or was interested. We did do service for some members in their ward, had a good dinner appointment, and then watched Meet the Mormons at a ward activity that night. 
Saturday we got to go to Nebraska City with the Crandalls! They were having some kind of pioneer day celebration, so the Crandalls asked President Weston if we could go since we're the Trail Center Leaders, and he approved it! It's about an hour away, so we left right after TC training and brought a bunch of pioneer games and activities for the kids to use and we had our own little table where we hung out for the whole day! Elder Crandall had called up the elders that are serving in that area and asked if they could help, so we had a good old time the 6 of us! Not as many people as we thought there would be, but it was so nice to just get away from all our worries and troubles with the sisters and have some fun in a place we had never been before. Sister Brower and I have never left Omaha our whole missions, so it was so exciting to get away! The weather was so wonderful. Not too hot, and only a few drops. Got some sun and more angel kisses, so I was pretty happy ;) The Crandalls took us out to dinner at this tiny little place called Ladybug BBQ. All the decorations were ladybug things. So cute! We got back at about 6 or so and got to have a lesson with Christy in the waiting room at the temple. Such a special experience. She loved it so much. Kept saying that she was going to go there someday. I know she'll get there eventually! 
Sunday was awesome! Had 3 investigators and 4 returning members at church! Then the TC was so insane. Some of us took 5 tours! AND, we saw lightning bugs (fireflies) last night! Can't get any better than that! I love Nebraska! <3 
I love you and pray for you often! Have a good week!
Sister Ferrara :)

Zone conference. I know....my smile's fake. Don't judge.

Nebraska City on a carriage ride! So fun!

Goof balls wearing cowboy hats

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