Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Crazy Week! 6/22/2015

Hello everyone! What a week it was!
Last Monday after preparation day, Chris and Girly took us out to dinner which was so fun! Then we worked on some things for a training we were giving on Saturday.
Tuesday we went on exchanges with the Kanesville sisters. I stayed in my area with Sister Stokes! We had 5 appointments set up, but they all cancelled. Seems to be happening often to me when we go on exchanges. I must be cursed or something! We did get to see Debbie VanPelt with Sister Woodfork. She is moving to her old house which is still in the ward boundaries, so she's been pretty stressed. Just the other night we called her up to see how she was doing and she was bawling and told us one of her cats had died so she was so depressed. Seems to be a theme for us...everyone's cats are dying! Haha not to make fun of the situation. We felt so horrible! Didn't really know what to say to comfort her. Then I had a really good long talk with Sister Stokes. She's really been struggling. She hasn't been out too long, but she's having a lot of family problems back home. Her sister tried to commit suicide a couple weeks ago, and her grandma and dog died recently. The poor thing. She had brought a Kleenex box with because she knew she was going to be crying when I asked her how she was doing. She is the sweetest sister in the world. She is a little slower, and she doesn't have a left hand. Just how she was born. So it was a good day to be able to spend with her. We also had dinner with Kitty, John, and Kitty's brother Ron. Then they asked us to play Rummikub with them, and then ate cheesecake :) It was so fun! 
Wednesday we had a leadership meeting and then zone training with the Omaha West zone. We actually weren't asked to train at this one, so it was nice to be able to sit and enjoy the meeting for once! Then we rushed out of there and grabbed some lunch and went to Sister Brower's dentist appointment because her retainer came off again. Pretty frustrating. Then we were on shift the rest of the afternoon. That night Sister Brower and I decided to have our own bridal shower since I couldn't be at Corina's. We did face masks nose strips and ate gluten free chocolate cake with strawberries that we had made on Monday. I have the best companion in the world :)
Thursday-Congratulations to Corina and Daniel! We were on shift that morning. I was so grateful to be at the Trail Center that day. I took a really neat tour of a group of handicapped people. There were 13 of them and 3 helpers. Some were in wheelchairs, and none of them could really understand what I was saying or could even talk so I was basically just talking to the helpers that were with them. The spirit was really strong though and it was very humbling for me. I love the Trail Center so much! It has healed me in so many ways. Then we served at the clinic that night with Sisters Durrant and Slater. Dr. Fischer took us out to dinner. Told us so many funny jokes and stories. He always makes me laugh especially when I need it :)
Friday morning was a bit crazy. We had a training to prepare for, but the senior couple who was on shift that morning forgot their keys, so we had to drive up there and unlock it for them so Sister Brower didn't have quite enough time to get ready so we started comp study late and we had another leadership meeting at 10:15. Luckily the STLS at the zone training we went to a couple days earlier had trained on the same topic we had, so we were able to use their idea for a roleplay and such. Heavenly Father helped us to gather our thoughts quickly. He is so good to us! Rushed to Council Bluffs, and everything worked out fine! We trained on the Sabbath Day. I always love giving trainings. I very much dislike the preparations beforehand and the stress that comes with it, but then once I get up there it always strengthens me and comforts me. We were at the Trail Center that night and had to quickly finish up the TC schedule for the next 3 weeks and figure out miles for all the sisters. 
Saturday morning we gave a training for TC training and we decided to do a "get to know you" theme. A couple weeks earlier we had given a piece a paper to everyone to fill out and put on our shelf. The 3 questions we had on them were 1. Biggest fear? 2. Scripture hero and why? 3. Something you admire about your companion? We gathered all their answers and put together a powerpoint of all their answers and pictures of each sister and senior couple and played the pretzel game beforehand and then showed them the powerpoint. We just have so many new faces and want to have more unity as a Trail Center and in order to do that we have to know each other better first! After training, Sister Latey took us out to breakfast at Harold's. She's the senior sister who works in the Pioneer Library here at the TC. Then we decided to do our studies out in the cemetery, so we got a blanket and set it down to lay on. It was so wonderful and peaceful. Then we went back to the TC to finish up some things we didn't get accomplished. We had dinner that night with Bishop Ostler and his family and Rebecca the returning member we're working with came as well! After that we helped Missy out who is a less active/recent convert. She has some hip problems and had gone to the ER that morning and has an inspection of her apartment tomorrow so we went over there to help organize and clean some things for her since she obviously couldn't do it alone! It was such a great day! Everything works out how it needs to! I love being here so much. I love being a missionary. And I love all of you! I pray for you often. Have a wonderful week!
Sister Ferrara :)

Found mold in our shower, so last Preparation day we got some bleach and tried scrubbing it.

Our own personal bridal shower with super high messy buns on the top of our heads ;) We're so cool

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