Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Hello! 3/30/2015

Hello everyone! It's been another great week! Hope your week was great as well!
Last Monday we got to deep clean the temple in the morning which was so neat! Got to clean the chandeliers! After that we went out to breakfast with the other sisters and then just had a pretty normal Preparation day. Saw Sister Ridgeway that night for a little bit, and then Christy and Bruce after that. They're doing well. Christy got a new tattoo that she showed us...yikes. Gotta work on that...
Tuesday we were at the Trail Center in the morning and then went and saw Cathleen and read the Book of Mormon with her. We also saw Chris and Girly. Girly found out that day that her mom passed away so she wasn't doing well at all. We prayed with her and just tried to comfort her and read from the Book of Mormon. 
Wednesday we had district meeting then Trail Center. Pretty normal.
Thursday we were at the Trail Center in the morning and then served at the Clinic with Sisters Durrant and Young. Dr. Fischer couldn't take us out that night, so we just went to Arbys and spent some time talking with them and figuring out how we can best help them. 
Friday we went on exchanges with the Tranquility Park sisters. I went with Sister Savage in her area which was a lot of fun! All our appointments cancelled except for one so we tried a bunch of people, but a lot of them were gone. One person we tried at an apartment complex and wasn't home either, but we saw this family who was just moving in and they were bringing boxes and things in their new apartment so we decided to go ask of we could help them out. The lady said "you two are angels! We would love your help!" It was about 2:30 or so at this time, and they needed to get the trailer back by 3:30 so it was so perfect! She also said that she would most definitely sit down and listen to our message just because we stopped to help them. It was really neat! Didn't get a specific return appointment, but Sister Savage is going to call them up so she can go see them with her companion. It's amazing how the Lord brings us exactly where we need to be. We also saw this less active lady who was on the phone when we came to the door. She was talking to her daughter who was bawling hysterically over the phone because she was having some sort of nervous breakdown and she was on speaker so we could hear the whole thing. The mom was yelling and telling her that she needed to turn to God and not allow Satan to ruin her. Do have in mind that this was a black lady, so it was pretty loud. Kinda awkward! We had a member with us too, and we didn't really know what to do or say. After she finally got off the phone, we asked if we could say a prayer and read her favorite chapter in the scriptures with her. After the prayer, the Spirit immediately came back into the room and she calmed down and everything turned out great! After that we went to their ward dinner. It was a potato bar. Delicious! 
Saturday was pretty interesting. We had training in the morning and then had to work on a ton of stuff at the Trail Center like getting miles taken care of and figuring things out for the Easter fireside that we're having here at the Trail Center next Sunday. Then we finally went home to eat something since we hadn't eaten anything all day. It was about 2 at this point and we decided to make gluten free pancakes and hashbrowns, but we had no eggs. So we went around to our neighbors to ask for an egg. Kind of an odd afternoon. Then we discovered 2 wasps in our house and we both freaked out. We're both terrified, so they're still somewhere in the house because we're too afraid to kill them. Haha dorks! That night we had dinner at Kitty Tucker's and prayed really really hard that we wouldn't find cockroaches in our food since her house is swarmed in them. John Lawrence who talks a million words a minute was also there and taking over the conversation, so while I was stuck on him, Sister Brower was talking to Kitty and trying to get her to come to the TC to watch the General Women's Broadcast. Somehow Sister Brower didn't realize that we're not allowed to drive people around, so she told Kitty we could give her and her friend a ride...but I wasn't able to stop her because I was talking to John. Anyways, we ended up getting in this awkward situation and since we're the TC Leaders we decided to give ourselves permission to drive them just this once. Well, we went to go pick up her friend, Sandra and she was acting a little funny but we didn't think anything of it because everyone is a little bit odd in Nebraska. So we drive to the TC and Sandra gets out of the car and starts saying really weird things like "It feels like I'm walking on pebbles." Yeah, we finally realized that she was obviously drunk. AHH!! We take her inside and she rushes to the food table that was set up and takes just about half of the food. It turned out ok because she didn't say or do anything crazy during the broadcast and she actually really enjoyed it! Sooo....miracle, because she became a new investigator! Haha! 
Sunday we went to church, came home and did some studies and had some really good conversations and then went to go see Grace in the hospital, and then got to watch Meet the Mormons at the TC with Cathleen! It was so wonderful! Such a great week! I can't wait for General Conference and Easter this next week! As a mission, we are inviting and encouraging everyone we see to watch the film Because He Lives. It's a new video that the church just came out with, so if you haven't already, I would strongly encourage you to watch it when you can! Reminds us all of the importance of Easter and that Jesus Christ did suffer and die for us, but then He rose again....so it's our responsibility to FIND HIM! Love you all! Have a good week!
Sister Ferrara :)

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