Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Happy Easter! 4/6/2015

It has been such a wonderful week. Every day I just learn to love this place more and more and love being a missionary. I have such a special calling and have such a privilege to be serving in this sacred place. Hope you all enjoyed your Easter and General Conference!
Let's see...
Monday we had a wonderful lesson with Valeri and finally talked to her about the Word of Wisdom! She wants to quit smoking so badly, so we helped her come up with some goals and plan to make it possible. Then we finally got to see Donna! Haven't been able to get a hold of her for weeks, but this time when we dropped by she was home! It was the day her divorce was finalized so it was so perfect and meant to be. She went to rehab over the weekend so hopefully that helped.
Tuesday we were at the TC in the morning and then had a fun dinner with the Cold Springs sisters-other Sister Training Leaders at the TC, Sisters Hodges and Fronk. We have become so close with them this past week. We're all Idaho girls, so we have a lot of fun together and are able to put are heads together and figure out how to help the sisters. Then we had a teamup with us to try some people and ended up getting a new investigator named Kay! She's so fun :) Then we helped a family in a ward pack up their kitchen because they're moving soon. We only had an hour, so we were super speedy and got the job done in 45 minutes and she made cookies for us even :) 
Wednesday wasn't too interesting. Just district meeting, then shift at the TC :)
Thursday we were at the TC in the morning and thank goodness things are starting to pick up now! More people are coming in so it's so great! Then we saw Kaylee who is a recent convert, then Valeri again! After that we were supposed to see Christy, but her dad passed away so she was really struggling, so we brought her a plate of cookies with a card instead. Poor thing :(
Friday we had our Mission Leadership Council which was SO amazing! I always love those meeting. We talked a lot about the video Because He Lives. As missionaries we have #BecauseHeLives cards and we are to give them to everyone we see, and share the video with everyone. We have it showing at the TC and it's something the mission will be doing until Christmas I believe instead of ending it since Easter is over now. This will be an ongoing thing so it's really exciting! AND, if you go on YouTube, you'll be able to see it as the header! Go check it out! That night we went on half day exchanges with Eagle Run. I went with Sister Young who is brand new to the mission. She is 24, so she has a lot more confident than other new missionaries. We had lot of fun! Saw Ellen, Grace at the hospital, and then the Ridgeways with Kitty for a little bit. It was a great night! 
Saturday we had our TC training, then some studies and talked to some sisters who have been having problems, and then came to the Trail Center to watch conference! General Conference is like Christmas on a mission. I love it so much! I received so many answers to my prayers and revelation on how I can become a better leader. After conference we drove to Kanesville because President Weston asked us to find out if it would be possible to have a trio in the member housing in Kanesville. Then we worked on some other things to get prepared for transfers this coming week! It was a short transfer. Only 5 weeks, then next one will be 7. Yikes! 
Sunday-Easter! We were on shift in the morning, and I ended up having to take a tour to a family who were members right at the beginning of Conference so I missed the prophet speak. I was so bugged. We had it broadcasted downstairs for anyone to come watch it, so I offered to let them go down and then I would give them a tour afterwards, but they said they would just watch it later. WHAT?! Oh, I just didn't understand. It's wonderful that we have it online to watch and read, but it can also drive people away from watching it live....ugh. Anyways, it turned out fine and I was able to go down and watch the rest of it. We made popcorn for everyone who came to watch the second session. It was super fun. Then we decided to take Easter pictures with Sister Hodges and Fronk, and then we had a TC Easter fireside with lots of musical numbers and testimonies about the Savior. I played a piano solo of an arrangement of My Savior's Love while a powerpoint of pictures of Jesus Christ were presented on the projector onto the wall. It was so neat! I know that Jesus Christ loves each one of us so dearly and that is why He suffered for each of our pains that we feel and the sins we commit. But, there is hope because He did live again. And because of that, so can we. I love my Savior with all of my heart. He is my best friend. Make Him yours as well <3 I love you all so much and hope you enjoy this coming week!
Sister Ferrara :)

Tender mercy-Jenny Larsen from Bellevue came into the TC and surprised me with cookies. I just happened to be sitting in first chair when she walked in so it was so meant to be! I got to take her around the gallery and we talked for about an hour. Love her!

My birthday month!

Because He Lives at the Trail Center!
Triplets for General Conference!

We took Easter pictures

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