Wednesday, December 10, 2014


Hi everyone! How are you all? It's been a pretty great week! Not a whole lot happened...hmmm.
We've been serving at the Trail Center a ton and I love it! This place has changed my life. We have SO many people coming every single day and I love when it's busy because it makes things so much more interesting! I had the opportunity to take some really great tours this week! I took my first school tour and it was so much fun! I had about 20 little 3rd graders and they were so adorable. I can't wait to have kids of my own! On school tours, we aren't allowed to proselyte at all so it was an interesting experience. They all asked so many questions and were very energetic especially when I took them downstairs to see the Gingerbread display. It's really great when taking school tours though because the kids will go home and tell their parents how great the Trail Center is and then bring their family back! Then we can proselyte ;) Hehe!
Another great tour I took was just last night. With the Gingerbread display most people come in from the back because that's where the display is, and what we try really hard to do is get people to come upstairs so we can take them on a tour and help them have an amazing, uplifting experience and feel the Spirit. We have a gingerbread display of Solomon's temple and the Kirtland temple upstairs and then we also have a nativity with dress-ups and things upstairs that get people to come upstairs, so just yesterday this cute younger couple came up with their 7 year old son. I had seen them downstairs and the little boy asked me a bunch of questions about the scavenger hunt that we have. So I was able to meet them already, and then it was my turn to come upstairs and sit up and take tours, and I just happened to be sitting in the right chair so I could greet them and ask if they wanted a tour and such. I totally thought they were members because when their 7 year old son asked about the temple, the father told him it was a place of worship. So it sounded to me like they were members! Anyways...I took them around and their son was super talkative and it was kind of like I was just giving him the tour. Kind of a silly kid...but we got into the Memorial Room and there was a Book of Mormon sitting on one of the benches and the boy picked it up and asked what it was. Well, I figured out they obviously weren't LDS, so I tried a bit harder to talk to the parents about the church. Long story short, I gave them a Book of Mormon and the mom especially was really interested and told me she would read it. She was so sweet and I could tell she really felt the Spirit as I shared Moroni 10:3-5 with her and testified of the Book of Mormon. It was cool because as I spoke, the little talkative boy didn't say a word. He felt the Spirit as well. I absolutely LOVE having the privilege to share my testimony every single day and see the change in people as they feel the Spirit. I know that Heavenly Father is so aware of each of us. I was obviously supposed to take that cute family on a tour. I love serving here <3
Let's see...another cool thing that happened this week is Sister Durrant and I sang in a quartet with an Elder Hansen and Elder Elison. It was such a blast. I love music! We sang for about an hour on Saturday for the Gingerbread Festival downstairs, so it wasn't like a professional performance with lots of people sitting and listening, but those who were looking at the gingerbread were able to listen and it was just great. 
Alright, I should probably get going now. I love you all so much and hope you are doing well! Have a good week!
Sister Ferrara :) 
We went to Pedestrian Bridge last Preparation day :)

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