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Alright, well...I'm sure you're all dying to know if I got transferred :)

I am now serving in the Lake Cunningham ward serving as the new Trail Center Leader/Sister Training Leader! I am now in a tripanionship with Sister Cragun and Sister Savage. Sister Cragun and I are the only STLs, but Sister Savage has been very ill the past couple weeks so of course President put her with us so she can recover and rest at the Trail Center when needed. It has been a rollercoaster the past few days...to say the least :) Like I mentioned in my previous emails, we had 7 sisters go home this last transfer and no new sisters. Actually, we only had 1 new sister come in for the entire mission and only 6 elders, so we're kind of slim. Now we only have 19 sisters at the Trail Center! Before, since there were 26 sisters, we had 2 sets of STLs split between them for their stewardships but since we lost so many sisters, Sister Cragun and I are the only STLs at the Trail Center which means we are over 8 companionships with only 6 weeks in the transfer so we will be going on exchanges twice a weeks sometimes. Oh, and just a side note... we have the largest stewardship out of the whole mission. Most STLs only have 4-6 companionships to be over. We have 8! It's going to be a crazy, but fun transfer :)
Let's see...I don't even know where to start. I seriously have SO many things running through my head and SO many responsibilities now and I want to tell you about all of them, but I guess I will just start at the beginning of the week and tell you what happened.
Ok, so I wanted to share a really cool miracle that I have seen recently. I'll make it kind of short, but a few weeks ago I wasn't feeling well. My body was just completely exhausted and I was really nauseous and icky feeling so I took a couple days to just rest down in the "sick room" at the TC. Sunday afternoon I woke up from a really long nap and decided I wanted to do something productive so I got my Book of Mormon out and started reading it. I will admit that at this point I was feeling very useless and discouraged. Naturally, since I hadn't really done anything the last couple days and felt like I was really wasting the Lord's time. Well, as I started reading my Book of Mormon, I almost immediately starting feeling better and getting my energy back. That was such a cool miracle for me. I can honestly say that I have been healed by the Book of Mormon. Spiritually, emotionally, physically and every other way. Then, Monday night Sistern Durrant and I went to go visit a less active named Sister Zahn. She's an older lady who first of all, does not like having people tell her what to do. She doesn't consider herself less active and thinks she knows everything. So it's kind of tough to meet with her because she never really listens to our message or commitments. She has been having some really horrible hip problems and is in the process of scheduling a surgery for it so she's been in a lot of pain. When we went to go see her this time I had asked her if she had been reading the Book of Mormon and she said no...well, of course she's less active then! I went on to tell her my cool experience of how I was healed by the Book of Mormon and she immediately just lit up and her whole reaction changed and she agreed to read the Book of Mormon every day. It's so cool that we are given experiences not only to strengthen ourselves, but others as well. Heavenly Father's plan is so amazing :)
Since it was transfers week we had to do a deep clean on Tuesday which was nice. I love cleaning! Then we got to serve at the Tabernacle with the Barlows and they took us out to dinner at this Mexican place which did not settle in my stomach very well haha! I've decided that my stomach doesn't like Mexican food very much!
Wednesday wasn't too interesting. Just had district meeting and served at the Trail Center. Thursday morning is when we find out about transfers so everyone was talking about it and kind of freaking out about it. Anxious to know what was going to happen! AHH! Transfers are always so nerve wracking! President Weston only calls you Thursday morning if you're training or in a leadership position and then everyone else finds out later from their STLs or something. Anyways, so Thursday morning after we worked out, I got in the shower and came out to see Sister Durrant on the phone crying! I will admit that Heavenly Father warned me several different times that I was going to be the new Trail Center Leader, but oh man was I nervous still! It's just so nerve wracking to actually hear the news yourself! Well...we found out that Bellevue 1st closed so there won't be any sisters there anymore. Which is so sad because we had so many wonderful people that we were teaching. But, the Lord obviously had a different plan for them! There were 4 other areas that closed in the Trail Center, and we got one new area called Millard where Sister Durrant is so that's exciting :) So Thursday morning Sister Durrant and I were asked to give the new missionaries a tour at the TC which was so amazing. I always love giving the new missionaries a new. Then after our shift we went and tried to see as many people as we could and got pictures and their contact information and such. We saw Bishop Rose and Sister Rose last and talked with them for a while. I just love them so much. I will miss Bellevue a LOT. There are SO many wonderful people that I came to love so dearly....but something that I told all of them was that this wasn't goodbye. Just see you later :)
Alright, so Friday...YIKES! Went to transfer point in the morning and got all the sisters settled with their new companions and got the whole car situation figured out. One amazing thing is that I didn't have to move out of the Craig house. Hallelujah! And Sister Savage was already living there with Sister Whipple, so Sister Cragun just had to move down there with us! It's just a lot easier because it's a bigger house for a three-some and we need extra rooms for sisters to sleep in when we go on exchanges. I think I'm going to get to live in the same house for the rest of my mission! Wouldn't that be great ;) After transfer point we went and got most of Cragun's things out of her apartment and brought it to the house. Didn't have any time to unpack or anything though. Then we went straight to the TC to get started on all of our responsibilities! We had SO much to figure out especially with so many sisters who left. We had to figure out the miles situation and cars because each companionship has a certain amount of miles that they can go on their cars. Then we had to start on the schedule for the next 3 weeks which was insane because this coming week is zone conference so we had to figure out who could be on shift on which days and such. We still don't have a car since we live right here by the Trail Center and then another set of sisters live here at an apartment, but we still had to figure out who was going to borrow which cars on which days and everything. This is seriously a COMPLETELY different mission now. I am no longer a regular missionary. I guess the simplest way to explain it is that I am now basically a sister version of an AP. (Assistant to the President) It's really weird...All the zone leaders of each zone call us each week to talk about the sisters and we also talk to the APs on a regular basis as well. I about freaked out the first night because I don't remember how to talk to boys! This is going to take some serious adjusting :) It's been pretty fun so far though! Ummmm, ok so after we took care of a couple things for the Trail Center, we went to dinner at a members home. It's really nice because since Lake Cunningham is really close to the TC I have been able to meet a lot of people from that ward because they come to the TC quite often and I've also met a lot of people from exchanges so it's not all completely different. Thank goodness. Tender mercy :) After dinner we went to the Tabernacle because they asked some sisters to go sing some Christmas music so that was interesting. We didnt' really have any time to even practice or think of specific songs to sing, but it was alright. Not a whole lot of people were there anyways. I forgot to mention that there is a Gingerbread display at the Tabernacle as well, so we were just performing as backround music as people looked around to see the gingerbread houses. Oh, and by the way...Sister Savage was not feeling well at all during this so she just rested at the TC, and when we got back she said she was in so much pain and Sister Weston told us to take her to the ER. Long story short...Sister Savage went to the ER a couple times last transfer as well and has had no luck figuring out what is wrong with her. She's had this horrible pain in her back and some doctor thought she had a kidney stone, then another doctor thought maybe a blood clot. Who knows...but we took her in again and we were there until 1:30 in the morning so we didnt' get to bed until 2:15 and we had our early 7:45 meeting at the TC the next morning. Best way to start the transfer I'd say :) Haha!
I love my new ward! It's so different, but so great! We have church at 1 so we have ward coordination at 7:45 on Sundays then we serve at the TC until 12:30, then we go to Relief Society at 1! This ward's schedule is flip flopped so we go to sacrament last. Strange! Lots and lots of things to get used to this transfer but I am so excited! I'm hangin' in there! I feel like my brain is mush right now, but holy cow...Heavenly Father has really strengthed me and sustained me :) I love this mission so much! I gotta get going now though so I will talk to you all next week! Love you all!
Sister Ferrara :)

First night together at the ER! Woohoo! :)

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