Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Merry Christmas!!

What a week it has been! It really just flew by! I am loving my new area and responsibilities! It's exhausting, but we have seen many miracles this week! I can't believe Christmas is in only a few days! It's going to be so great. It has been such a privilege to be able to serve here during this special time of year.
Sister Savage, one of my new companions, is doing SO much better. I think she is completely healed now and is not having anymore pain in her back so that's been a huge miracle! 
Tuesday Sister Cragun and I went on exchanges with the Cottonwood sisters. Sisters Tune and Trusty. Sister Savage just went with another set of sisters in their area for the day. Kinda stinks because she just floats around in different areas because of all the different things Sister Cragun and I have to do. I had only been in the area for 3 days, but luckily for me I went with Sister Tune and she was in the Lake Cunningham ward for a really long time so we didn't get lost. It was so much fun! The Cleverlys asked us to help decorate a storefront that morning so the 4 of us all went to that and then had lunch afterwards. Then we split up and I got to meet LOTS of new people which I love doing. Since being out on my mission I have come to just love people so much. They're one of Heavenly Father's greatest creations and gifts to us and it's so much fun to get to know so many different people out here :) One of the rules we have as a mission is to only bring missionaries to your own area for exchanges instead of going with them to their area. Which is really nice because then we can see lots and lots of people in just one day! I got to meet Tammy who is an investigator that Sister Savage and Whipple saw. Sorry, I should've mentioned that there used to be 2 sets of sisters in the Lake Cunningham, but now there's just Savage, Cragun, and I so now we have a lot of people we get to see that they transferred to us! I also got to meet Debbie who is a recent convert. Then we had dinner with the Huffstutters. They are such a fun family. Christy and Jimmie have been dating for about a year and live together with Christy's kids Bruce and Rashonda. Bruce just got baptized during the summer, and Jimmie is a less active so now we're teaching Christy. I love them so much already! Then we went to a RS activity with Christy. 
Wednesday we had the Christmas zone conference which was absolutely amazing and inspiring! We did a fun gift exchange and talent show and everything. Sister Cragun and I both got Sparkling Cider ;) 
Let's see...I'm trying to get through this quickly because I don't have a lot of time left. I always seem to ramble on about things and then don't get a chance to say all that I want to. Anyways...Sister Cragun and I have had to spend a lot of time at the TC trying to finish the yearbook and figure things out for the Christmas eve dinner/program, and then the Christmas breakfast...and many other things. We got to give the training at Trail Center Training on Saturday and we only an hour Friday night and about an hour early Saturday morning to put it together but we both felt very strongly like we needed to train on the Savior's love. Our sisters have been struggling a lot with all these crazy changes and then with Christmas coming up. We just really wanted them all to know how much the Lord loves them and is proud of them. It went very well. I about wet my skirt though! :) I was so nervous to get up there in front of everyone. I've only ever given trainings at district meetings which have a lot less people. I feel so inadequate being these sister's leader now...but I know the Lord has put me in this position for a reason. I have grown and learned so much so far and I look forward to this transfer! Sister Cragun has been so wonderful at helping me adjust to everything and teaching me all that I need to know. I love both my companions so much and we are all getting along very well! Oh, yesterday we had our Christmas program at church and I was asked to share my testimony. And then we sang in the choir too :) I've had lots of opportunities to get up in front of people! I've got lots more opportunities this coming week too with zone training. I'm gonna be pro at this by the end of my mission...hopefully! Alright, well, you all have an amazing Christmas! Love you all so much!
Sister Ferrara :)

The Weston's kids all made these cute hats for us so we got these at zone conference!

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