Wednesday, December 10, 2014

December already???

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving week and ate lots of turkey! 
My week wasn't the most interesting or eventful week ever...since it was Thanksgiving week, everybody's family was over and didn't want to see us. Kinda lame. 
With the Gingerbread Festival, I have personally seen SO many miracles from it! Cool a couple weeks ago Sister Durrant and I had dinner with a family in our ward and they were asking us if we had ever met the couple that owns a food truck. I guess they used to investigate the church, but we had never met them before so we said we would try and find them! Well, this past week I was downstairs because it was my turn to be down in Gingerbread (we take turns being in first chair, second chair, and then Gingerbread) and there weren't many people down there, but there was this cute couple with 2 kids so I went and talked to them for a little bit, and then walked away. But then I got the prompting to go talk to them again, so I did...and I eventually came to find out that it just happened to be that couple that owns a food truck in Bellevue. They are the most adorable family. The husband is from Mexico City and when he came to America he didn't speak English at all. He started working at some place where he met his soon to be wife...and they got married 6 months later because they knew they were supposed to be together even though they could barely even communicate with each other because he spoke very little english. They've been married for 11 years now and are practically LDS...just not to be dunked in the water. Haha! Well, huge miracle! I got the address of their food truck and they invited us to come and eat free food! Apparently they always feed the missionaries for, we went and saw them this week and they gave us a tour of their truck and everything. We're going to be seeing them again this week. Thanksgiving was pretty great! Kind of rough...we don't have a car, and the TC was closed so all the sisters were using their cars, which meant that we wouldn't have a car that day. Sooo we had to ask members to come all the way out here to pick us up and drive us around. We first went to the Hesters for lunch which was hectic because they had a bunch of family and grandkids running all over the place. It was so wonderful though because Sister Hester plays the piano, so she played Christmas songs while Sister Durrant and I sang together. It was fun :) Then we went to the Kosters for dinner which was delicious! Not nearly as amazing as it would've been at home...but it worked for the mission! Then we went to the TC for more food, and then had a wonderful program that the TC leaders put together. I played a piano solo of an arrangement of "For the Beauty of the Earth" and all the other sisters contributed with other musical numbers and things. It was great. I'm glad I serve at the TC with so many great sisters :) 
It's been extremely busy here at the TC now that we have the Gingerbread Festival on display. Lots of tours and lots of people! The other night we had around 1700 people come in for just one day. Now, not all those people got a tour, but that's how many people walked in the door. So incredible! I can't believe it's already December...there's no snow on the ground unfortunately :( I look forward to the next couple week! Transfers are coming up. I am anxious to see where Heavenly Father wants me for Christmas! What an amazing time of the year to be serving the Lord. I love you all and hope you have an amazing week! Stay warm!
For the Love of Food Truck!

Inside the Food Truck

Being dorks at Target. My favorite store now besides Wally World haha.

Sister Durrant and I on Thanksgiving :)

Us and the roomies on Thanksgiving!

We got professional pictures ;)

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