Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Amazing Week :)

Hello everyone! This week was so amazing! It's incredible that if you are truly being exactly obedient and doing your very best, than you WILL see miracles and the Lord will ALWAYS provide. 
Last Monday after preparation day we went and saw Alexis and had a pretty good lesson with her. She really confuses me...we set her for baptism and everything, but I can't ever tell if she just says things to please us. But then we went and saw Marisol, our spanish speaking investigator, and her family. She has been really sick with bronchitis and blood sugar issues, so we just talked to her for a little while and comforted her. Hopefully she's doing better this week! She always expects us Monday nights :) 
Tuesday was interesting...so there's a sister named Sister Smith who has been really sick for just about this whole transfer and she was training Sister Togisala. They were living with us, so to let Sister Smith rest and recover, I was kind of training Sister Togisala as well as Sister Durrant for a little while. She would do studies with us and she came to church with us and everything, so we were a trio for a little bit. So Tuesday morning she came with us to our lunch appointment at the Udalls, and then we went and tried to see some potentials, but then had to get back to the Trail Center because Sister Togisala was schedule to serve at the Tabernacle that afternoon and they had to leave by 2. So we dropped her off to be with Sister Smith and then we helped tie quilts for this service project that all the TC sisters have been doing. Then we were on chat for the rest of the afternoon.
Wednesday we had District Meeting and then served at the Trail Center. 
Thursday was excellent! We served at the Trail Center in the morning and then had an appointment with our new investigator, Dede, at 4. When we got there she said she was busy and couldn't meet with us then, so we went and tried a referral whom we've tried to contact 3 different times but each time she hasn't been home...but this time she was home!!! Her name is Brandi and she has 4 darling kids and they even came to church yesterday! Miracle! Then we had dinner with the Whites and then a lesson with our investigator, Buddy. We haven't been able to meet with him for a whole month because he kept cancelling on us and it was really crazy for him with school starting. He teaches 7th and 8th grade and is a gymnastics teacher! Anyways, the lesson went SO well. He likes to talk...haha just like everyone else here in Nebraska...and he really opened up to us about his grandmother's death 5 years ago and how it's been really really hard for him. He was telling us that he knows that it was no coincidence that we met him and that we were sent to help him. He said that the 3-4 weeks that we didn't meet with him he felt lost. He's been praying every day and reading the Book of Mormon and doing really well! We just gotta get him to church <:( It was one of those lessons where I realized THAT is the reason I was sent here to serve a mission. It was so incredible and the Spirit was so strong. I shared with him one of my favorite scriptures found in 2 Nephi 4 when Lehi dies. It was so perfect and he told us he would read the whole chapter. Miracle!
Let's see...Friday we had lunch with Sister Durham, our less active that came out of no where who has fed us 2 weeks in a row now...so cool. She came to church yesterday as well! AHH!! We seriously had such a great week. We had SO many people at church. 10 total! 4 investigators, and 6 less actives! Ok anyways...then we went and tried to see Paula. The bishop told us she should've been back home by now, so we tried calling but no answer, and then went to her apartment...and no answer. I'm so worried about her. Don't really know what to do! Hope she's ok. Please be praying for her! We did get to meet a potential named Sierra though. She lives right next to Paula and we gave her a Book of Mormon and everything. It was cool because we prayed after lunch to know where we needed to go and decided we needed to try and see Paula, but ended up meeting Sierra instead! We felt very strongly like that's the reason we were told to see Paula. It's so amazing how the Lord works! Then we served at the Trail Center for the rest of the afternoon. We are continuing the TC Friday Firesides for the rest of September since they've been such a huge success, and for this fireside Sister Mahlstede and her new companion, Sister Hanks (the new TC leaders) brought a less active who has really been struggling. We have a bunch of beautiful piano music and accompaniments for singers downstairs and Sister Hanks and I were playing around the other night, and so after the fireside she asked if I would accompany her as she sang this song by Mindy Gledhill for their less active. It was so beautiful. I am so grateful for my talents. Music brings the Spirit so strongly and it was just a really special evening. 
Saturday was great! We had birthday breakfast and I gained about 20 pounds...and then half of us TC sisters got to go on a fun field trip and see some of the cool monuments and things here like where the Mormon Battalion signed up, and where the Grand Encampment was at, and where Orson Pratt's home was and things like that...it was so fun! Then we weekly planned, but then Sister Durrant had this really weird migraine and wasn't feeling well so we stayed home to rest of the evening so she could rest. 
Then Sunday I already told you about. It was excellent!
Anyways, I gotta get going! I love you so much! Have a wonderful week!
Sister Ferrara :)

These pictures were at Old Market a Couple of Days ago:

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