Monday, September 1, 2014

long week......

This has been a pretty challenging week. Sister Durrant and I are still doing well. Becoming very close friends, and we were so excited for this week. We had about a million appointments set up, and then by the end of the week 6 of our appointments cancelled on us. So we had a lot of change of plans, met a lot of new people...and had many rejections. We've been trying really hard to loan out a Book of Mormon every single day which means you have a return appointment with the person...but haven't had a whole lot of luck. We've handed out quite a few Book of Mormons, but not a lot of loaning. Better luck this next coming week! The Trail Center has slowed down so much and I only took one tour the entire that really got me down as well. Taking tours gives me so much strength, so it was kind of a bummer week. Plus... we had basically no one at church. No investigators, or returning members. Buuuut anyways...
Monday we were supposed to see Marisol our spanish speaking investigator, but she ended up being sick so we met with her daughter Jessy and gave her a Book of Mormon. She told us that she has been reading the spanish copy with her mom! Woohoo! She is such a wonderful mom and has so much potential! We will be meeting with either her or her mom, Marisol, tonight! 
Tuesday all our appointments in the morning cancelled including our lunch with a member, so we ended up meeting a couple people in an apartment complex and got a new investigator named Betty! She was so prepared and such a sweet lady, but then later that day she told us she wasn't interested anymore...dang it. Then we were at the Trail Center. Didn't take a single tour. Lots of extra study time!
Wednesday we had district meeting and then served at the TC. Still no tours...
Thursday we had a miracle! So we had a lady sign up to feed us lunch named Sister Durham, but I had never even heard of her. We went to her house, and it turns out she is a lost sheep! I don't know how in the world she signed up to feed us, or why...but cool! She had told us the Relief Society president went her house the week before, so she might've asked if she could feed us lunch or something. I don't know! Cool though! I'll take it! She's really great and we are GOING to get her back to church. She told us she was going to be at church, but...we've heard that a lot from people. We learn to not get our hopes up. Then we served at the Tabernacle in Council Bluffs and had some fun there! Didn't take a tour though! Pretty lame. The sweet senior couple that we served with took us out to get ice cream at this amazing little place called Cristy Creme. Delicious!
Friday we weekly planned and served at the TC...we had the fireside that night and lots of people came so it was fun to see all the missionaries with the people they brought. No one wanted to take a tour, but it was great to have some new faces! Most exciting thing that happened the whole day! Haha! Pathetic, I know. Since we were on shift we couldn't go down to watch the fireside, so that was disappointing. President and Sister Weston spoke at it! 
Anyways...Saturday we had a full day in our area and got to help a less active member paint her new house! She's very young. Only 22 I believe, and her and her husband just barely moved in. She's sooo cute! A senior couple that serves here at the TC, the Barlows, talked to me about her and told us to watch out for her and make her feel welcome. Elder Barlow coached this girl, Aubrey, basketball in High School so that was a cool connection! She's come to church twice now! Her husband isn't a member, so hopefully we can work with him in the future when we warm up to him. He keeps himself pretty distant from the church as of right now. 
Blast...I'm out of time. But the rest of Saturday went pretty well. Got a new investigator who didn't drop us a few hours later so that was really exciting! I know this week is going to be better! Pray for us please! I love you all and hope you are doing well!
Sister Ferrara :)

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