Monday, August 11, 2014

Teen Mom!!

So guess what!! I have a baby!! Yup, that was fast...I'm training!! My new companion is Sister Durrant. She is from Riverton, Utah and has 1 older sister, 2 younger sisters, and a younger brother. She is so wonderful and I love her so much already! And yes, she is quite a bit taller than me. Haha laugh all you like. She is so prepared to be here and as terrified as I was when I was told by President Weston that I was going to be training...the Lord told me beforehand that I would be training, so I wasn't so shocked. 
I forgot to mention that last Monday we got to clean the temple in the morning again. So special! Then that evening we went and tried a bunch of people, but no one wanted to see us :( Then we ended up meeting a woman named Jessy who has 5 darling kids and they live with her parents who speak spanish so it's kinda hard to understand them. But Jessy is great and is a new investigator! 
Tuesday we had a lesson with Paula and taught her all about the Plan of Salvation. She is doing so well! She's totally going to be baptized this month! I'm so excited! She is still coming to church every Sunday and has been cutting down on her smoking. Since she has no job and no money, she kind of can't buy more cigarettes so she's going to HAVE to quit completely! Then we had a lunch appointment with our ward mission leader and his family, the Ottemans. Love them! Then we came back home and had about an hour for Preparation make-up since we cleaned the temple on Monday...then we deep cleaned our house in preparation for transfers! Woohoo! I really love cleaning haha I know, I'm so weird...but it's always been such a great way for me to get rid of stress. And it was good to have some time to mess around with Sister Mahlstede. I knew she was going to be leaving Bellevue, so I was very grateful to have some time with just her even though we were cleaning haha. Then we went to departing testimonies for all the missionaries that were leaving. It's always held downstairs at the Trail Center and anyone is invited! 2 of the sisters that were leaving had served in Bellevue so we got to go and sit by some of the members in our ward. It was so depressing :( 6 sisters left! That's a fourth of our Trail Center sisters! 
Wednesday we just had district meeting as usual and then served at the Trail Center. 
Thursday we served at the Trail Center in the morning. Each transfer when we get new missionaries, they always come to the Trail Center for a tour to basically start them off on a good note because the Trail Center is such a spiritual, special place. And Sister Mahlstede and I were asked to take half of them. We got 21 new missionaries this transfer! That's a ton! It was such a good tour...we were able to compare the pioneers and their stories with missions and it was such a cool experience. We served at the Trail Center for the rest of the morning and then got to serve at the Health Clinic in the afternoon again! It was so much fun! There were so many patients, so it was really crazy and busy! Lots of people to schedule for their next appointments and such. Then Doctor Fischer took us out to dinner as usual! He is so great! 
Friday...transfers!! We had to be at transfer point by 8 to pick up our new companions, and then Sister Durrant and I served at the Trail Center in the morning! I went with Sister Durrant on her first tour to help her feel more comfortable and everything, and then it was really slow the rest of the morning so she didn't end up taking anymore tours. That night we had a dinner appointment with the Whites who are a young couple in our ward with a cute little baby girl. Then we had our first lesson with Buddy at Paul, Pearl, and Bosi's house! It was so awesome! We taught him all of lesson 1 and he is just so prepared! He doesn't have any disagreements with the church or anything (yet) so we were able to have a really good discussion with him! He is now set for baptism on September 13! It was so scary because it was the first time I drove in our area without Sister Mahlstede and luckily we had a gps so we didn't get too lost...but whoah!! 
Saturday we had New Sister Orientation after Trail Center Training and then had lunch at the Cleverlys! After that we served at the Trail Center for the rest of the afternoon! Sister Durrant took her first single tour! She is so awesome...I sure couldn't do that my second day at the Trail Center! I would've wet my skirt! Anyways, Sunday was wonderful! I'll admit that it's been pretty nice not being the "newby" anymore. I feel so at home in Bellevue and I love all the people there. I am going to be so sad when I have to leave my baby area. But anyways...that's not for a little while! I gotta get going now, so I will talk to you all later! Hope all is well! I love you so much!
Sister Ferrara :)

This was at the transfer meeting --
I will miss Sister Mahlstede.
She is my best friend!

This is from last week at the Kiwanis Picnic.
The view is so beautiful! I love all the green trees in Nebraska!

My baby, Sister Durrant! :)

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