Monday, August 18, 2014

What a week......

It's been an interesting week! I don't know where to start haha...
Monday after we Preparation day was over we had a lesson with Jessy on 7:30, so we tried a couple people and ended up meeting with Alexis who we haven't seen in a few weeks so that was great! Alexis is really hard to read...I don't know if she just says things to please us or if she's genuinely interested. She said the closing prayer and it was a really awesome prayer so I don't know...we'll keep meeting with her and see what happens. Then we went over to Jessy's and she wasn't home so we ended up talking with her mom Marisol who speaks spanish and only a little bit of english and she just loves us and we have another appointment with her tonight! It's pretty easy to understand her when she speaks, but she has a hard time understanding us so we're thinking of having some spanish speaking members from the ward come with us to teach her. We also met her son Francisco who is also a very kind, sweet guy and we gave him a Restoration pamphlet so we're hoping to be able to teach their whole family! How cool would that be to baptize their whole family?! Anyways..I'm getting ahead of myself. We also ran into a sweet 17 year old girl walking down the road who we got to talk to for a little bit and hopefully we'll get a chance to meet with her again and figure something out with her crazy schedule with school and work. It's been hard to find team ups and make appointments with people lately because school has already started for a lot of schools here so it's been kind of frustrating.
Tuesday we had to weekly plan since we didn't get a chance to last we got to weekly play twice this week. Woohoo! Sister Durrant just about died haha! Then we were at the Trail Center in the afternoon. It's been slowing down a lot now that summer's about over. Now we're down to only 1 or 2 tours every day. Kinda nice to have time to catch up on my journal! 
Wednesday we had zone training...oh boy, this is where the craziness starts. So zone training is held at the stake center and I had never driven there before so I really had no idea how to get there so I looked up directions on google maps on the computer at the Trail Center and typed in 2203 Butler Ave and printed out directions and I had even asked the TC leader if our stake center was on Butler, and she said yes. Sooo we were all ready to go and we got our car in the morning after studies and we were off! It's about 2 minutes before 11 when it was starting and we were almost to our destination so I was pretty dang proud of myself! We get to the destination that our directions took us to and we're surrounded by a bunch of houses. I was like super confused, so we parked and called up some sisters who are in our zone, we tell them where we were and they had no idea how to help us so they handed the phone to our zone leaders and they told us that the stake center was on Butler STREET not Butler AVENUE!! Turns our we were on the complete opposite side of where we were supposed to the zone leaders talked us through it and helped us get to the stake center and we ended up being a whole hour late, and President Weston was there. I could've DIED! I was so humiliated. But it turned out just fine, and we made it back to the TC safely after that where we served the rest of the day. Ridiculous!! The Lord is crazy for giving me this responsibility. I've definitely had to learn to be patient and humble. 
Thursday we were on chat in the morning, then we had a dinner appointment with a member that night and Paula cancelled our appointment because she's sick and throwing up...again. So she wasn't at church yesterday either :/ But we did get to meet with a less active which was great! 
Oh, so another thing...The past couple weeks Teresa's friend Rebecca has been texting us. Apparently the cigarette metal maker was hers and it cost her $50 so she's been demanding to have it replaced, so both Teresa and Rebecca have been sending nasty cussing texts at us with the F bomb and everything and it's been freaking me out! Rebecca called us the other night on a different number than she was using to text us so I got it to see who it was and unfortunately I got chewed out and it was so scary. She was saying that she was going to take us to court and all this stuff, but there's no way she would be able to afford to do I called the TC leaders and asked them what I should do, and they called the Assistants, who then told me all I should do is block their numbers. So I did and haven't heard from them since! 
Let's see...that's about all I have time for! There's never enough time to email :/ Dang it. But that's been about the extent of my week! Things are going great with Sister Durrant! She is so wonderful and we get along just great! It's been a challenge, but I love training! I have learned so much! I hope you all are doing well! Have a great week! Love you!
Sister Ferrara :)

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