It's been another good week, and I'm pretty much freaking out about this next week! TRANSFERS! Change pretty much scares me to death sometimes, but I know I have to get used to it. Missions are ALL about change! The Lord just knows that I am ready to be strengthened more! 
So Monday night wasn't too interesting haha just did a deep clean at the Trail Center. I was in charge of the kitchen with another sister named Sister Tune. I really don't mind cleaning. Helps me get some stress out of my system :) 
Tuesday was great! We had an appointment with Paula who is doing VERY well. I don't know if I've mentioned it already, but she is set for baptism on August 30, and I think she's actually going to be able to do it! She's been coming to church every single week, and progressing very well! Yesterday she even got up in sacrament meeting and bore her testimony! She basically just explained the miracle of when she was first introduced to missionaries and how she is so excited to be baptized! It was really cool because all throughout testimony meeting all the members that had gotten up before her shared their conversion stories and it was just exactly what Paula needed to hear. So cool how the Lord works and answers prayers! Sister Mahlstede and I just sat there freaking out inside squeezing each others hands while she was up bearing her testimony. It was so awesome! Paula just lost her job on Friday and so she's going to be kicked out of her apartment really soon and has just been really struggling, but we had a member who went through a very similar situation come with us to see her on Saturday and she's going to help her find a job. This ward is so wonderful and has been really great with helping our investigators feel welcome and comfortable! Since Paula got a blessing from the bishop last Sunday her health has improved SO much! 
Anyways, sorry.. so before our lesson with Paula on Tuesday we ran into her neighbor, Winnie, who Paula has already invited to church, and is now a new investigator! We have an appointment with her tonight! 
Wednesday we had district meeting, and then rushed to a lunch appointment with a member named Sister Stiff. Very old woman who is getting a divorce and has been struggling a lot. We had printed off this really good talk for her to read that we felt was perfect for her situation and she just bawled and told us that we were her guardian angels. Poor thing :/ I'm so glad we were able to help her out a little bit. Then we were at the Trail Center the rest of the afternoon.
Thursday (Corina's birthday!) we had Trail Center in the morning, and then had a dinner appointment with the VanHaaftens. They feed us pretty often and always cook some kind of meat, but I don't like how they cook their meet. It's always very greasy and has funny seasonings on it and gives Mahlstede and I a horrible stomach ache afterwards...haha they're a fun old couple though. Then we had a lesson with Chuck our new investigator at Sister Johnson's tiny little apartment. It went pretty well! He had a lot of questions about Joseph Smith and then Sister Johnson kind of talked our ears off so we didn't get to have the best lesson with him...and then Sister Johnson called us up and told us he wasn't really interested anymore. We think Sister Johnson probably overwhelmed him and pressured him too much, so we're hoping if we give him some time then he'll come around. Because he was genuinely interested at first, but of course Satan got a hold of him. After that lesson we went to go see Pearl and Bosi who are from China. Pearl is married to Paul who is a less active member...anyways, we didn't really teach them very much because their neighbor, Buddy, came over so we ended up chatting with him for a little bit and he became another new investigator! So cool! Since he is a single man, Paul volunteered to let us teach him in his house with Pearl and Bosi! So cool!
Friday was pretty great...weekly planned and then we were on chat for the afternoon, but since chat was so slow and we didn't talk to a single person, the Trail Center Leaders allowed us to watch the Friday fireside since we were already at the TC. That night 17 miracles was playing! It was so great...bawled the whole time. I have always cried during that movie, but even more so this time since I have come to love the pioneers even more from serving here! 
Saturday we had the "birthday breakfast" at the TC and all the sisters that are leaving this week shared their testimonies and everyone was crying...very emotional week! AHHH! Then we had some appointments, and then were able to go to what was called the Kiwanis Picnic! It's basically a group of people who work together to make the community better! Our Trail Center Directors, the Cleverlys, are a part of it and we help them out with a lot of projects and things so they invited us to go to this picnic and it was so much fun! 
Sunday was great...went to church and then were at the Trail Center the rest of the afternoon and at about 6 we had a huge group come in who were a part of a group called the "Smith family reunion" and it's kind of hard to explain...but they're all descendants of Joseph Smith and they all came here for a dinner and presentation thing...and the sisters were asked to come up with some kind of musical program for them, and I was asked to play a piano solo! Thank goodness I brought a whole binder of pretty arrangements of hymns! It went very well, and I am so grateful I have a chance to continue to share my talents with others here!
Anyways, that was my week! And now I gotta get going! Hope you are all doing well! Love you lots!
Sister Ferrara :)