Saturday, July 12, 2014

Barfy Ferrari :}'s been a bit of an interesting week!
Tuesday morning around 5:30 I woke up with an extremely horrible pain in my upper arm. I couldn't even move it or it would start shaking! It was like a weird throbbing feeling similar to what I felt in the MTC when I got my shot...kinda weird. I tried massaging it, but that just made it worse. The whole rest of my body felt very weak and sore, and I was feeling very nauseous and dizzy. We walked up to the Trail Center slowly to work out as I carefully held my arm because every time I moved it it would just ache. to the Trail Center, and barfed in the bathroom. Pretty disgusting. So we got back to the house and I went back to bed, but then eventually came to the Trail Center because we have what we call a sick room down in the basement where the chat room is, so I was able to hang out there all day and get some rest. Luckily we only had district meeting and then Trail Center that day, so I didn't miss a whole lot. And then 2 days after that I was still sick, and it was pretty awful. I was sleeping most of the time at the Trail Center, and thank goodness our schedule was inspired and we were serving at the Trail Center upstairs and on chat most of the time, so Heavenly Father obviously knew that I would be sick and wouldn't be able to go anywhere. The whole time I felt so hopeless, lonely, worthless, miserable...everything. I felt like it was such a waste of a week! I was extremely emotionally and physically unstable. Since I was sick and not able to keep myself busy, Satan really tried getting a hold of me, and it was very difficult. When I wasn't sleeping, I had a lot of time to think. It made me feel pretty homesick, and I started thinking of how unfair it is for missionaries to have to lose all contact with family except for emailing and letters...I then started thinking and realizing the reason for that is because without it, we wouldn't truly learn how to access the Atonement and become powerful missionaries like the Lord wants us to become. When we are not able to call our family members and friends, and we are feeling lonely, we HAVE to turn to the Lord for comfort and strength. I had to access the Atonement several times before my mission, but not nearly as much as I do now. I understand it SO much better now, and because I have received so much comfort and hope from that, I want so much more to share that with others and help others to be able to experience the Atonement as well. I started realizing what a wimp I am...I am so lucky! I have the best family and friends in the entire world who love me and support me and I will see them again in only 16 months! We have some investigators specifically Teresa who we have been working with since I got here...we have set her for baptism twice now, but she cannot give up smoking. At first it just made me frustrated...but then I realized after we had a good long talk with her that the reason she smokes is because she thinks it's the only way she can have happiness. She has no kids, never been married or even had a boyfriend for that matter, and her mom is really the only family member still around that lives close and she is not kind to Teresa at ALL. It makes me so sad! I have come to love Teresa so much and really come to realize why I (we) want to baptize her. She truly is a daughter of God and Heavenly Father loves her SO much just like He loves me. Gosh dang it...I just love being a missionary! It's still really hard sometimes, and I still feel homesick at times...but it's so worth it! I have become so much closer to my Heavenly Father, and I know I wouldn't be able to do His work without Him. He is so wonderful...I really love Him :) Haha anyways...I'm one rabbling now.
So Thursday afternoon was really the first day I actually put makeup on and did missionary! We were just on chat, so I was still able to take it easy and rest a bit. Then Friday we just had weekly planning and then served at the Trail Center! Buuuut...we had a little bit of an interesting morning. Sister Purcell (came out same time as I did) and Sister Barton now live at our house, and we had decided to have companionship study together and then go get lunch somewhere for the 4th since we were both just weekly planning that morning, but Sister Purcell had gone back to bed downstairs on the floor as soon as we got back from working out. We thought maybe she wasn't feeling well, but she wouldn't say a word to any of us. So we decided to go downstairs to her so we could still study together, but she would not get off the floor. Still wouldn't say a word to us, or even look at us in the eye. She had acted in a similar manner before when she was feeling overwhelmed and homesick, so we tried talking to her and comforting her and everything and tried expressing that we want to help her and that it's not easy being a missionary, but that we have to all work together and in order to do that we needed her to communicate with us so we could help her. Anyways, long story short...she still refused to say anything to us, and eventually went upstairs and laid on the floor up there, but then put her shoes on and bolted out the back door and tried to run. She has done this 2 other times before where we would just walk outside without telling anyone, but this time we ran as fast as she could to get away so Sister Barton had to go running after her without shoes on and of course we were freaking out and called President Weston and the Trail Center Leaders and Directors but they were all in a meeting at the same time, so we eventually got someone's car to try and find them. It was terrifying and we didn't know what to do! We finally found them back at the Trail Center because a sweet lady found Sister Purcell on the floor because she had an asma attack and fell over...Anyways, she's doing a lot better now. She met with President and seems to be alright! We've all been praying for her and have really worried about her, but everything will be ok! 
Saturday we had an awesome day! Full day in our area and guess what! We met with our new investigator Dannie whom we met while we were trying to meet her sister who was a referral that was given to us, and we set her for baptism! 5 people set for baptism by the 5th of July!!!! Woohoo!!! Stinkin awesome! Then we also met a new investigator Chris and her sweet daughter Noelle who just recently moved in Bellevue and has actually been wanting to find a good church to go to because she really wants her daughter to learn about Christ and be brought up correctly. So we invited her to church, and then will be meeting with her tomorrow! Super exciting! I think we're setting a record! We're pretty awesome...not gonna lie ;) Anyways...Sunday was ridiculously busy at the Trail Center! Sundays are always extremely long because we are there from 12:30-9...and yesterday we had 425 visitors! I had to take 5 tours and one of them had to have 3 different groups combined in one! We were all exhausted by the end of the day...and unfortunately we were down one sister because I got 2 other sisters sick :( Oops...buuuut everything's great! I am doing so well and I hope all of you are doing well also! I love you all so much! Have a good week! 
Sister Ferrara :) 

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