Monday, June 30, 2014

First Transfer

I cannot believe my first transfer is already through! It's crazy! We had 3 sisters leave us, and 3 new ones come in! It's so wonderful not being the "new" sisters anymore haha ;) They are all super sweet, and I'm very excited to be able to serve with them! We also now have 2 other sisters living with us in our big house which has been really fun so far! And it makes it easier because we will now switch off each week buying toilet paper and things, and the cleaning will be a lot faster! 
I just have to say that this has probably been the best week of my mission so far. I was really struggling with feeling homesick and discouraged...and not feeling happy. I had forgotten why I decided to come on a mission, and was struggling with really LOVING being a missionary and loving MY mission. It's hard being a missionary! But, with lots of prayer, faith, and patience...the Lord answered my prayers. I have truly come to LOVE the people in my ward and the people that we are teaching. I have come to LOVE giving tours at the Trail Center, where before I was not excited about another busy day at the Trail Center and having to walk people around and help them have a spiritual experience because I have still been trying to figure out how to balance sharing historical facts, and then tying it in with a spiritual aspect that can relate to the visitors. It's been a struggle, and I'm definitely still learning...but it has become a lot easier. I had some really awesome tours yesterday. A group of nonmembers came in and they were so awesome! I honestly don't even remember all that I said because it wasn't me. It was all Heavenly Father speaking through me...but near the end I ended up talking to them about the Restoration and First Vision, and gave them a Book of Mormon! It was so incredible! And then 4 other really awesome, spiritual tours! It does help when people come in and are willing and want to have a spiritual experience...but you have to figure out how to relate to them and have a connection with them so that they want to hear your testimony and everything. ANYWAYS!! It's been so amazing...and because I've been praying for it, I have been hearing the Spirit more clearly and I've learned how to pick out what the Spirit is telling me and what are my own thoughts. I've had several times this week where it was almost as if the Spirit was pushing me and trying to throw me off the couch to prompt me to do or say things, and it's helped lessons and tours go SO well. Makes me feel like I really am doing and saying what the Lord wants me to say instead of just babbling off on something I want to share. I know I still have a long ways to go and have a LOT more to learn, but things are definitely getting a lot easier and I really do love being a missionary! I LOVE being a servant of the Lord and having the privilege to serve at the Trail Center. 
Let's unfortunately Teresa was not baptized on Saturday because she won't stop smoking. It's been very difficult to get her to stop...but she is set for July 12, which is kind of good because now we don't feel pressured to rush through the rest of the lessons that we have to teach her. She's very slow and we have to talk to her like she's 5 sometimes because of her mental disabilities, so we have to take a while longer to help her understand things. 
AND we got 4 new investigators this week which was such a miracle! We are seeing so many great things in Bellevue! Before I got here Sister Mahlstede has told me that they didn't have any investigators...but since I've gotten here things have changed a ton and we actually have lots of people to teach! And still 4 set for baptism! 
We also had the opportunity this week to take an "out tour" which allowed us to go to this day care place for 2-6 year olds and we got to teach them about pioneers and dress them up in pioneer clothes and stuff! It was the best! 
Anyways, I gotta get going now! I love you all! Have a good 4th of July!
Sister Ferrara :)

p-day fort 

watching Ephraim's rescue and eating slushies

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