Sooooo let's see... Another fantastic week in Nebraska! Lots of ups and down, but overall it's been a really good week! Tuesday we had exchanges with the Trail Center Leaders! It was kind of terrifying because I stayed in my area and the sister I was with hadn't ever served in Bellevue, so I was kind of in charge of everything! It was really good for me though, because it made me get out of my comfort zone even more and reach my goal of taking the lead in every situation! We had a FULL day in our area which never usually happens. It's always just half a day...and we had a TON of appointments, but our day didn't end up like we had planned at all, but we saw SO many miracles and it was a very successful day! Wednesday we had District Meeting and guess what! I trained for the first time! I just about wet my skirt! Haha ok just kidding...but really, I was so nervous, and had so many thoughts and things I had written down from my preparation, and wasn't sure where to start really...but the second I got up there everything just flowed and I felt very accomplished! Then we went out to lunch to the place called Stellas which is this crazy hamburger restaurant that has so many interesting topics to put on hamburgers like peanut butter, jelly, eggs, honey...a bunch of weird stuff. Super delicious though! Then we spent the rest of the afternoon at the Trail Center! It's been really great...I am feeling more and more comfortable with the history each tour! Each tour is so different and it's hard to try to balance the history with the spiritual side of it. Some people come in and just want to read and look at every little thing, and then some are really awesome and want to listen to a spiritual message. It's frustrating at times, but I love the Trail Center. It's extremely busy since it's summer, so I feel very exhausted after each day. It's nice though because then the second I step into bed I fall right to sleep! 
Thursday wasn't too exciting...pretty normal. Trail Center in the morning, and then area in the afternoon. 
But Friday was pretty fantastic! We did weekly planning in the morning, and then went straight to our area. So a couple weeks ago we had tried to see a woman named Paula Rohl who was a referral from the bishop. We didn't try to call her or set up an appointment with her. We just went over and knocked on her door. When she answered it she barely opened the door a little crack and told us she was sick and to go away. We were a little confused. So we tried texting her and calling her and I guess she has met with the bishop a few times so he invited her to church and she came last week! Then we set up a time to meet with her and she told us the reason she wouldn't let us in was because she suffers from domestic violence and it really scared her when we knocked on her door without knowing we were coming. Anyways...long story short, basically our lesson with her was amazing! Taught her the whole first lesson and I re sighted the whole first vision for the first time in a lesson and the spirit was SO strong. She was crying by the end and we committed her to be baptized in July!
We now have a baptism this Saturday if we can get Teresa to stop smoking...and then 3 others set for baptism in July! Two of them were set by Mahlstede before I even got here so that had nothing to do with me...but still pretty cool! We are seeing so many miracles and wonderful things happening in Bellevue! It's so exciting! Another thing that happened Friday we had a lesson with Teresa around 8, and she talks a lot, so it's always hard to get out of there on time. Anyways...when we got outside we realized it was raining extremely hard and super windy! The second we stepped outside we were drenched! The thunder sounded like bombs going off and just about made our hearts stop beating! We still had a 20 minute drive home on the freeway, but we ended up going about 20 mph because we couldn't see the road from all the rain! It was terrifying! Such a crazy adventure! Lovin' Nebraska though! It's very different than Idaho..a lot more than I realized! But it's wonderful and I am learning so much!  
I unfortunately have to go now I hope you are all doing well! Love to hear from you! Hope your summer has been wonderful so far! I love and miss you SOOO much!
Sister Ferrara :)