Monday, June 16, 2014

Do you know what Depends are???

Soooo...I have to start out by sharing the most hilarious story EVER! Last Monday after P-day was over, we had some time in our area and we went to go see a lady named Dorothy whom we met a couple weeks ago. But when we got there she was outside with 3 other older ladies smoking and she told us she was playing bingo that night so we should come visit again some other, we decided to go see Sister Eckhard who lives in the same old person apartment complex. It was actually a miracle we went to see her because the night before she had overdosed on her medication so she fell over and had to go to the hospital, and that day she again was trying to take more pills then was needed so we were able to help her out. Thank goodness! Anyways, while we were there helping her straighten up her place, she told us she needed to go to the bathroom really fast, and then she would come right back out. We helped her up out of her chair and then as we walked with her to the bathroom she asked us "do you know what depends are?" I didn't, but Sister Mahlstede apparently did, so she went and grabbed it for her which I then realized it was an old person's big diaper haha...we walked her in and then she sat right on the toilet with her underwear still on and I was worried she was gonna pee right through her underwear! AHHH! She didn't luckily...she just rested for a few seconds and then got back up and started pulling her underwear off, and then grabs onto the poll that's in front of her and tells us to let her pants drop. We stair at each other and then back at her legs to realize that they were not dropping. So we go "they're not droppin, what do you want us to do?" She says, "pull them down." AHHHH!! It was so hard not to we pull her panties down awkwardly. She steps right out of them and leaves them on the floor and starts walking over to her bed. Plops down and starts putting her feet inside the depends. Then stands back up and asks us to pull her depends up! Another AHHHH! Luckily we didn't really see anything. She was wearing this really short night gown...yikes. So we could see her large belly hangin down, but that was it thank goodness. Definitely, most likely, the most embarrassing and awkward thing any missionary could ever experience! 
Then after we were done there, we went and visited Teresa our new investigator who came to church last week and we set her for baptism! She will be baptized June 28 if all goes well :) Super awesome week!
Thursday we had the "Trainer and Trainee Meeting" which was fantastic! All the new missionaries that came out around the same time I did got trained by President and Sister Weston and then our trainers were trained by the Assistance! It was quite fantastic :) Got me very excited and ready to go out and start workin again! 
Friday was insane! The summer months are super busy and it seems like we don't have any time to breath or even eat lunch or dinner! It was really cool though because the second we got there I had a tour sitting there waiting for me! I don't remember her name, but my grandma Johnson's sister's daughter and her husband came in and were waiting for me! It was a great tour and we got a picture together that I hope she sent to you mom! After that I had to get right up and sit in first chair to prepare for another tour. Longest day at the Trail Center so far! I think I took like 5 tours! 
Saturday we had Birthday Breakfast right after Trail Center Training...we have birthday breakfast the first Saturday of each month, but the Cleverlys (Trail Center Directors) were out of town last weekend, so we postponed it to this weekend! WOW! SO MUCH FOOD! I should've taken a picture of it to show you...I'll send a picture next month. :) Then we served at the Tabernacle that night with the Daines and Barlows who are the new senior couple that just came in. It's so wonderful serving with senior couples. They each have become another set of grandparents for all of us! Anyways, then Sunday we magically had 2 investigators come to church! Woohoo! Anyways, it's been an awesome week and I still love being here! Hope you all have a wonderful week! I love you so much!
Sister Ferrara :)


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