Monday, June 9, 2014

Another Fantastic Week!!

This week has been CRAZY, and I don't even know where to start... 
Tuesday is where the excitement started... we were at the Trail Center for the afternoon (3-9) and I think we were only there for about a half an hour when we heard sirens going off for the tornado warnings!!! AHHH!!! We were told earlier that a huge storm was coming, so we should was so exciting, but so terrifying!! It was extremely humid outside and you could tell from the sky that a storm was coming. So we all went downstairs to the basement and started watching Legacy , but then the rain and hail and wind started. Luckily we didn't get the softball hail...I think it was about 75 mph wind and the sky was green!!!! So we just hung out in the tunnel downstairs until the storm eventually passed. So not a whole lot of people came to the Trail Center that afternoon, until about 7:30 when a whole graduating class from Highland High School in Utah came. There were about 117 of them, so we separated them in 5 groups or so. That's the most people I've seen come all at once! It was super exciting and fun...weird to think that I was in their shoes only a year ago, and that they were all Corina's age! Weird!! Anyways, throughout the rest of the night we continued to have flood warnings and lots of rain and rolling thunder, but we all just went home and went to bed. Haha so funny story...Sister Mahlstede and I went to bed like normal, and then at about 10:52 we heard a huge BOOM from outside and we both jumped out of bed screaming and ran to the window because we thought a tornado was coming our way! It was only thunder, but holy hannah was it terrifying...we had some other sisters sleeping over in the next room so I went to go check and see if they heard it too, but they were just fast asleep. We laughed our heads off and then went back to bed. Quite an adventurous night :)
Tuesday we had district meeting, then went out to lunch like we always do, and then went over to a less active's, Sister Rost and her son Jacob to help them get settled and organized in their new apartment they recently moved into, and that was a little interesting...they were both asleep when we went over there around 2, and I think they forgot we were coming over, so it was a little awkward at first...and Sister Rost has a major problem with smoking and in the hour and a half that we were there she went through 3 cigarettes. Luckily she smoked outside, but we could still smell it in her apartment so Sister Mahlstede and I had a really horrible headache afterwards. It's so sad...Sister Rost has such a strong testimony and so much faith, but just cannot give up smoking. It's so sad. 
We visited another less active, Sister Eckhard, and after that met this lady downstairs in the same apartment complex who was sitting on a couch. She was very hesitant and timid at first and didn't seem interested in reading the pamphlet that we gave her, but the more we talked to her and got to know her and after we prayed with her, she told us she was really happy we stopped to talk to her. It was so neat to see the difference in her as she felt the spirit even though she didn't recognize it...but we sure did! 
Let's see....Thursday was stinkin awesome! Served at the Trail Center for the morning shift from 9-3, and then went to the clinic with the Trail Center Leaders. A man named Dr. Fischer is the one running the clinic and it's a place where anyone can come for free! Many hospitals here donate medications and things for it, and each pair of sisters gets a chance to serve there every once in a while. We basically just reschedule patients and help around the front desk. It was such a great experience...Dr. Fischer is a looong time investigator, and absolutely loves the he took us out to dinner to a place called Petrows. He bought us an appetizer, main course, and then dessert afterwards! Such an awesome guy! 
Friday morning started out really rough...Didn't have a good sleep the night before so I woke up irritated and depressed and really extremely discouraged...didn't wanna do anything. I got in the shower right after working out and just started sobbing. It was not a great way to start the day. We did our normal studies and such, and then drove into our area, and still wasn't acting or feeling myself. We ran into this man on our way to see an investigator and I tried and tried to snap out of my negative, depressed attitude...and the more I talked about the gospel and felt the spirit as I shared my testimony with the people we met the rest of the afternoon the less and less I felt discouraged and down on myself. Sister Mahlstede always tells me that the work is the best medicine...but I didn't actually experience it for myself and believe it until that day. There really is no greater joy than performing the Lord's work. I couldn't be happier anywhere else on the earth right now. Then we served at the Tabernacle in Kaynesville. 
Saturday...Sister Mahlstede's birthday! The same as Tanner's birthday! Funny huh?! We had Trail Center training as always, and the 4 new sisters were asked to sing a musical number. We sang Be Still My Soul and it was lovely if I do say so myself ;) We then went back home to do our studies and do some weekly planning, and then we went out to lunch with some of the others sisters. Then we met with our new investigator Teresa who is such a sweetheart. Also smokes and is a little handicapped. She talks, and talks, and we have to be really careful about questions we ask, because sometimes it will take her literally a half an hour just to answer one little question. Teresa lives just below Sister Rost so before we even invited Teresa to come to church Sister Rost had offered to give her a ride so saw both of them at church yesterday! Woohoo! We had dinner at the bishop's house that night, and then had an AMAZING lesson with a part member family, the Pinas. We invited another previous part member family to come with us, the Whites. Brother White was just baptized a year ago, and our investigator is Marco Pina the husband. We asked Brother White to share his conversion story so he pretty much took over the whole discussion which was actually really good, and then gave our investigator a blessing at the end! It was fantastic and the spirit was so powerful! If Marco didn't feel the spirit during that blessing and doesn't decide to be baptized after having that experience then I don't know how the heck we're going to convert him. 
Sunday was fantastic! Finally got an investigator (Teresa) to church and it was so cool...the relief society came up to Teresa and asked if she was a member, and Teresa goes "No, not yet..but I'm going to be!" Haha and we haven't even invited her to be baptized yet! She is so prepared and such a sweetheart! It's really funny...every time we pray with Teresa, after we say amen, she goes "All God's children say amen. Amen!" Hahaha love her :)
Oh, and I said the closing prayer in sacrament meeting for the very first time! Haha it was hilarious...during one of the talks in sacrament meeting, a deacon came up to me and handed me a note that said "Sister Ferrara, will you say the closing prayer? Bishopric" I felt like I was back in 6th grade having notes passed back and forth...I wrote "yes :)" and the deacon brought it up to the bishop. The Trail Center was really busy yesterday. It's definitely summer now! I took this awesome tour of a family with 2 boys and 2 girls, and near the end the mom asked me how long I had been out and when I told her only 3 weeks, she looked at me like she had seen a ghost! Haha and then the dad goes "you're a champ! I thought for sure you were about done and on your way out of here! You know so much already!" I felt pretty proud of myself...I am learning and progressing so much even though I don't notice and see it for myself. I love being a missionary! This is the best mission in the whole entire world! 
My hour is up, so I gotta get going! I love you all so much! Hope you are doing well!
Sister Ferrara :)

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