Monday, July 27, 2015

Great Week!

Hello everyone! It was a wonderful week, and Sister Strong and I saw so many miracles! It sure got hot! The humidity is my least favorite thing about Nebraska that's for sure!
Last Monday we had a pretty good Preparation day. Went to the TC for the day because some sisters needed to borrow our car, so we went downstairs and watched Meet the Mormons and then were on shift that night.
Tuesday we had a great full day in the area. Saw Christina and Josh and set Josh for baptism on August 29th! So exciting! We also saw Sister LaPier who is just the sweetest lady in the world. She got a new job so she will be able to come to church more often now!
Wednesday we had district meeting and had to go all the way to the Papillion stake center which was about a half an hour from our house and we got a little lost on the way because Sister Strong couldn't remember exactly how to get there. Reminded me of when I was companions with Sister Durrant and I got us lost going to zone embarrassing :) She was so stressed and overwhelmed so we had to call up some other sisters and luckily we were only about 15 minutes late. We've got a great district! After that we tried some people in an apartment complex and met this guy named Michael who was super friendly and told us he wanted us to come teach him because he is ready to change. Love it when people say that! Don't get that very often. We also saw Elena our wonderful Catholic investigator. She has been reading the Book of Mormon, and is coming to church next week so that'll be good! She absolutely loves us and loves coming to church so I don't know why she doesn't get baptized already...someday! That night we had dinner with a cute young couple in the ward and then they came with us to see Gary and Dusty. We taught Dusty about the Plan of Salvation and it went really well!
Thursday we were at the TC in the morning and spent some time on chat for Teaching Center and then right after our shift we went and did service at the temple grounds to pull weeds in the back of the temple. It was so humid I thought we were going to have a heat stroke! Then we did our studies and had dinner and were planning on having Krystal our less active come to the TC to watch Meet the Mormons but she never showed up and wouldn't answer our calls. People are so funny sometimes! We ended up seeing a potential investigator, Annette, whom we met the first day I came into the area. The one who started singing "We are family! I've got all my sisters with me!" She's adorable...she became a new investigator!
Friday we had a great, full day! Happy Pioneer Day! Went to Jackson towers and tried a bunch of people and met a new investigator, Karyn! In Elmwood we spend a lot of time downtown where there's lots of different towers which means elevators with no air conditioning. Pretty miserable. I get motion sickness really easily, so they're pretty tough! But anyways, we were going up to the 14 floor in Jackson tower to try to find a less active named Benjamin Goodwin. There was this guy in the elevator on our way up that we started talking to and guess what...he just happened to be Ben Goodwin. Miracle! We were obviously supposed to see him that day! Let's see...we also saw Monica and Brother Powell. Love him! Then that night at the TC we were having a pioneer celebration with lots of different activities and games and the bishop and his wife were able to pick us up and Gary and Dusty and drive us over there. It was a little difficult to convince Dusty to go. We convinced her though ;) She's so funny. Still calls us every single day. We got to decorate our own marbles, make little pioneer dolls, and other things like that! That night when we got home, Sister Strong was complaining a little bit about her stomach and that it itched really bad and discovered that she had a ton of red dots all over her. I then realized that I had an itch on my stomach and lifted up my shirt to find red dots all over my stomach and back as well!
Next morning on Saturday after TC training, luckily Sister Gardner was there so we showed her what was all over us and she about freaked out and told us we needed to get checked by a doctor immediately and we were supposed to have our interviews that morning so we pushed them up sooner so we could go to an Urgent Care. Interviews with President Gardner were very different than they were with President Weston. Talked all about how I can continue to change these last 3 months of my mission. Crazy to realize how much time I have left! Sister Crandall drove us out the doctor and we had to wait quite a while as we're itching like crazy. Finally were seen by the doctor and told us we have hives and gave us some prescription to take. It was a little frustrating because she just kind of assumed she knew what we had before even looking at us. Then after Sister Crandall hinted some things she finally looked at us. Ended up leaving and then had to get to the Tabernacle with the Robinsons. It was so rough. I have never been so itchy my entire life! I have definitely learned a lot of self control because I know I can't be itching myself all over the place when I'm in public! Haha! Ridiculous! We still have them really bad and it's causing us to not be able to sleep very well either because we're so itchy all over! Anyways, all is well :) Nothing else really happened this week. I love Elmwood and I hope you're all doing well! Have a great week!

Sister Ferrara :)

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