Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Crazy Week! 5/11/2015

This week has been really stressful and busy. Happy Mother's Day to all you wonderful women! Hope you had a good one! I already told my family what I did this week in a shortened version over skype so I'm just going to make some bullet points and send a bunch of pictures.
Monday for Preparation day Sister Brower and I had the idea to have a relaxing day because we had such a busy week ahead of us, so we got face masks and nose strips, and then brought mattresses down into the living room and watched the Emma Smith movie. After that Sister Brower and I had to work on the schedule for the next 3 weeks while Sister Young went out into our area with another sisters since it was about the only night we would have in our area. 
Tuesday I had an appointment with the chiropractor because I've been having problems with my shoulders and upper back. Finished our shift at the TC and then called a bunch of people and taught them over the phone since we weren't going to have enough time to see them throughout the week, then had dinner with a family in the ward and went to the RS activity to make First Aid Kits. Super fun! Debbie and Kitty came so that was a miracle!
Wednesday we had zone training. Sister Brower and I trained about the How to Begin Teaching Bullet Points and compared it to having a DTR talk ;) It was hilarious. We basically trained about how we need to have true love for the people we teach in order to make the HTBT bullet points effective. It was really good! Then we were on shift at the TC. 
Thursday we had interviews with President Weston so Sister Brower and I had to be here with our sisters from 9-12 so we could check their area books and planners and things and then we had our interviews afterwards. Last interview I'll ever have with President Weston. Very sad. Then we went and saw Kitty because she told us she had a present for us. She had gotten these cute solar power butterfly thingys. So sweet :) Visited with her for a little and then had to get to the clinic. 
Friday we got to go to the temple...couldn't have come at a more perfect time. I absolutely love the temple! I received so much peace and revelation. I wish I could go to the temple more often. Then we were on shift and I had another appointment at the chiropractor. My back is feeling so much better now! 
Saturday was the Florence Day parade and then a play that the TC put together. We all dressed up as pioneers and walked about 2-3 miles down 30th street and the weather was absolutely perfect! We handed out Because He Lives cards and Mormon.org cards and it was such a blast! Pretty exhausting though. For the little skit we did I was asked to play the "fiddle" so the Crandalls found a violin for me to use and I played Turkey in the Straw. Hadn't played in over a year, so I had to do some practicing beforehand when I found the time. It was SO much fun! I had forgotten how much I love playing the violin. After the skit we had some people come and teach all the guests how to square dance. We as missionaries weren't allowed to participate, but it was really cool because we found a new investigator from it! Someone who was watching the parade and got a flier for the play and came to the TC and filled out a referral card, so we got to go see her that night after dinner and a ward missionary in our ward knows her really well! Golden! Miracle! 
Sunday was so special....Happy Mother's Day! I love you mom <3 Skype was so wonderful. I loved being able to talk to my family. 
Well, that was my week! I'll send lots of pictures! Love you all!
Sister Ferrara :)

face masks

our great zone after zone training

temple trip

Our basketball game from a couple weeks ago

When we went to the hospital to see Grace

Made pancakes and full out breakfast last Preparation day

cute little Addison Hartley in the ward

hangin out at the clinic

RS activity with Sister Swapp
silly laughing


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