Monday, January 26, 2015

Transfer Week :)

Another transfer gone, and a great one ahead! I'm pretty sure each transfer just keeps going by faster and faster. I don't like it very all. Seems like each transfer gets harder and harder because you get to know these missionaries so well, and it's sad to see them leave. Makes me realize how fast my time is coming. Not as soon as my companion :/ But it is coming fast.
Last Monday we got to go to Pedestrian Bridge which was super fun. Sister Cragun had never been, so we got a couple other companionships to go with us and we had a great time. Then we served at the Trail Center that night from 6-9. Every month the senior couples have a senior dinner and we get to eat their leftovers that they leave out. They asked us to perform a musical number for them to kind of welcome the Crandalls and it was very special. Sister Howes, Hodges, and I sang a version of I Know That My Redeemer Lives and Sister Cragun played the piano. I love music so much. It has always been and always will be my favorite way to share my testimony with others. It always brings the Spirit so strongly without fail. We practiced the song a couple times before the dinner started, and then when we got up there I just could not keep the tears in. I want you all to know that I know that my Redeemer lives. He is my Savior and He is yours as well. One of the most powerful things that I have learned since being out on my mission is how much my Savior loves me personally and how much He loves ALL of His children. I feel that love for these people in the Lake Cunningham area so strongly. My Savior is my best friend and I hope and encourage you all to make Him your best friend as well. Think about what your relationship with the Lord is like, and think about how you can improve it. Your relationship with the Savior is key to all happiness and success on this earth. 
Tuesday we went on exchanges with the Cold Springs sisters. I went with Sister Powell, and Sister Cragun went with Sister Case. It was a pretty dead day. No one was home, and we didn't get to teach very many lessons, but we still saw miracles! 
Wednesday morning Sister Cragun and I had to go running around to the sister's apartments to finish housing inspections. Then we had district meeting and TC.
Thursday we got to meet all the new wonderful missionaries and find out where everyone was being transferred to. We asked the Kanesville sisters to give them a tour and they did such a good job. Then we served at the TC that morning and the Clinic that night as usual. Love it!
Friday was transfers so we went to transfer point and helped everyone get to where they needed to be. We have 5 new TC sisters this transfer. President Weston brought 1 full pros sister and then we got 4 brand new TC sisters! They are all so adorable and I love them already! We also got 2 new senior couples and a new mission office senior couple so it's a whole new Trail Center! Woohoo! It's so exciting! Friday we had a TON of things to do at the TC like the schedule, car schedule, transfer board and all that fun stuff, then we went to our ward mission leader's daughter's baptism because they asked me to play piano. 
Saturday after our TC training, we had New Sister Orientation with all the new sisters and their trainers from 9-1 and then had lunch at the Crandalls. It went very well! We got to get to know them all better and tell them all the rules we have here and get them more comfortable with the TC. New missionaries are so fun! 
Sunday was great! I always love going to church. Whitney Bendorf had her farewell and oh how all the memories came back to me. Such wonderful memories :) Sister Cragun thought we were on shift at the TC for the rest of the afternoon, but for some reason we had a mix up and realized we weren't, so we were able to finish up figuring out the mile situation. The APs tell us the amount of miles that the TC gets, and then we distribute them to each of the companionships and cars. Then we were able to get a dinner appointment and saw Christy and the family. Such a great week! Hope you all had a great week as well! I love you all so much and hope you know how much you mean to me. Thank you for your love and encouragement!
Sister Ferrara :)

Sister Fronk and I with our matching Nebraska shirts!

This is what they say on the back
 It was Sister Togisala's birthday and they slept over the night before
 so we woke up and made her breakfast and wore mustaches of course ;)

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