Thursday, January 22, 2015

Sister Eats-a-lot!

I'll explain later about my title...kind of a funny story :)
How's everyone doing?! It's been another wonderful week that just flew by, but I'll be honest that this week has been the first week where we haven't had to do a whole lot! Those first 4 weeks were absolutely insane, but this week Sister Cragun and I felt like we could take a deep breath and relax just a little bit. It actually drove me insane. Made me feel useless and lost because I've been so used to doing a million things at once! It was nice though. 
Monday we had a deep clean of the TC finally! After the Gingerbread Festival, it was a disaster and really needed some scrubbing so all the sisters came and helped, and then Sister Cragun and I had to pick up some sisters at the Mission Home because they were sleeping over at our house so they could get to the Trainer/Trainee meeting the next morning. We were on exchanges on Tuesday so we had another set of sisters sleeping over as well. Tons of fun! haha! 
Tuesday we went on exchanges with the Eagle Run Sisters. I got to go with Sister Brower. She came out with my previous companion, Sister Durrant and I hadn't ever really had the chance to talk to her much since then so it was really great to get to know her better! She is like my twin! She is from Idaho Falls and we are very, very similar with our talents and abilities and personality. She is so wonderful and I felt like I could really open up to her. We had a really great day and saw lots of miracles! Saw Tammy with our RS president which went really well. She prayed which was a miracle! We also got to see an investigator named Valerie who lives in a very tiny trailer court. We hadn't seen Valerie since I got here the the area so it was great to finally meet her! Sister Brower was actually the one to find her when she went on exchanges with Sister Mahlstede last transfer so that was a tender mercy for her to get to see her again!
Wednesday...was interesting! We had district meeting as usual and then served at the TC that night..after our shift things got a little interesting. Since we don't have a car we usually ask sisters to give us rides down to our house so we rode with the Ralston sisters. When we got to the house Sister Cragun realized that she had left our phone in the car...and the Ralston sisters live about 20 minutes away and we had lots of phone calls to make that night. Uh oh! We decided we needed to just wait until the next morning when we were on shift at the TC to call them and find out if they had it. We started getting ready for bed and our light bulb in our room kind of exploded...then our towel wrack in the bathroom broke...and then Sister Cragun accidentally flicked toothpaste on the bathroom wall, and that's when we both just started laughing so hard we were crying! It was just hilarious. Interesting night at the Craig house!
Thursday we were at the TC in the morning and then served at the clinic with Dr. Fischer as usual! He took us out to dinner at this place called Wheat Fields. Heavenly! I got Nutella Crepes with bananas and strawberries. Took me back home <3 It was divine! That night we had the Millard sisters sleep over because we were on exchanges with them on Friday. I got to go with my baby, Sister Durrant! Heavenly Father told me that I needed to go with her...and I soon realized why. I was feeling extremely burnt out from going on exchanges twice a week. I was just emotionally and physically exhausted and I'll be honest...I was tired of exchanges. Sister Durrant changed that though. We had such an amazing day. It was so good to see that nothing had changed between us. We both had changed for the better, but our relationship is still the same. We shed some tears, laughed a lot, saw many miracles, and hugged a bunch. I have missed her so much! I really, really needed that this week. It's amazing how Heavenly Father is truly in the details of everything. He has put so many specific people in my life for many specific reasons and it's been so amazing to notice how much I have needed each of these individuals. I love this work. I love my Heavenly Father more than I could express. 
We were able to set 2 investigators for baptism, and got a new investigator as well! It was a great day all around!
Saturday we were on shift in the morning and got some more things ready for the Crandalls, and then had a dinner appointment with the Huffstutters. I love them so much! Ok, so the reason I put that as my title is because all the other times we've had dinner at the Huffstutters...Jimmie the cook always gives me SO much food to eat and I can't ever finish it so they always make fun of me for it and tell me that I'm too skinny and need to eat more food. Well, this time we had roast, and Jimmy literally put a half a roast on my plate along with potato salad, a biscuit, and cooked carrots. Guess what....I ate the entire thing. Yup, I'm a pig. I seriously ate a whole animal! Wanted to puke after, but oh were they proud of me! So now my name is Sister Eats-a-Lot. I had to prove to them that I do eat! It was quite the fun night :)
Sunday we went to church as usual and then got to the Trail Center and FINALLY got to meet the Crandalls who is the new Trail Center director and wife. We were able to have a wonderful dinner with them and the Cleverlys to get to know them better since we're going to be working with them a lot! They are so wonderful! I love them already! Yesterday they both seemed very tired and overwhelmed, but this morning when we had our meeting with them they seemed a lot better and ready to get started! They just barely got here Saturday night so they really only had some training with the Cleverlys yesterday morning, the Cleverlys left last night, and now they're on their own! I hope we can help them out as much as we can! The Cleverlys will be very missed, but I am so excited to be able to work with the Crandalls now :) Well anyways, gotta get going! I love you all so very much! Have a good week!
Sister Ferrara 
 Exchanges with Sister Brower

Farewell to the Cleverlys!

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