Friday, November 14, 2014


Another transfer is over, and my 5th transfer has now begun! I know you're probably all dying to know where I got transferred to...I know my mom is anyways. Haha! turns out I'm staying in Bellevue with Sister Durrant! I will admit that I was a little disappointed at first because I was really looking forward to something new, but I know now that there is still work for me to do in Bellevue and there is no point in being disappointed. I absolutely love this ward and absolutely LOVE Sister Durrant so I am really looking forward to another transfer here! 
Because of transfers, we really didn't have much time in our area. 
There was a very interesting experience that I had on a tour that I wanted to share with you. On Tuesday I was sitting in first chair and this older couple walks in. I could tell they weren't members, and the husband was really interested in the history and started asking all these questions and everything. I put them in the 15 minute film that we have and went and prayed to know what I should focus on for this tour. I get them out of the movie and we start the tour, and by this time the woman hadn't looked at me or said a thing to me so I thought maybe she was just really shy or something. The man's phone starts ringing and said that he really needed to answer it, so he walked off a ways away so then it was just me and this woman. I start asking her little, simple questions like "where are you from" and things like that and she turns to me and says very bluntly and rudely, "Oh honey, I am not interested in this conversation. I'm only here because my husband in interested in the history. I just want to look around and I don't want to be bothered. Thank you." I apologized and just said that I was trying to be friendly, and she just walks off. I stood there in the gallery and just had no idea what to do or what to say. I had to say a little prayer to help me to hold back the tears. The man came back and we kept going with the tour. By the end of the tour, the woman asked me a couple questions and acted like nothing had happened. It was obvious that she had felt the spirit of the Trail Center and was changed. I will never forget that experience. It helped me to recognize just a little portion of what Jesus Christ and Joseph Smith went through when they were rejected. It was a very good learning experience. The rest of the week we deep cleaned our house, went to departing testimonies, had a halloween celebration at the TC and went to a fireside of a man named Mario Facione who told us of his conversion story! He used to be in the mafia, and then was introduced to the gospel! Anyways, I really have to go. I'm sorry this email is very short and doesn't have a lot of details. I hope you all had a fun halloween! I love you all so much! Have a great week!
Sister Ferrara :)

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