Monday, September 22, 2014

I love Nebraska!

Transfers already?! Yeah, holy hannah...I'm now starting my 4th transfer in Nebraska! It's crazy. I could scream! Time is flying! Anyways, it's been an interesting week! I feel like we had hardly any time in our area this week. Bummer. I'll admit, it used to really freak me out and give me anxiety when we had time in our area, but now I freak out that we don't have enough time in our area! I absolutely love meeting new people and teaching and being with these people here! 
Last Monday after preparation day we had an interesting run in with this (black) man named Ralph. We were trying to see a referral and he ended up stopping us so we went and talked with him outside of his apartment complex. Very blunt, honest, funny, friendly man who has studied every religion you can probably think of and the second we went over to him he told us that he knows more about the Book of Mormon than we do. I was a little worried that he was just going to argue with us and mock us...but he told us that he is not a part of any religion, but he agrees with us and our beliefs...but then he started telling us that Brigham Young went to Missouri because Joseph Smith was going after him to kill him. Oh how I hate when people say false, rude things about our prophet Joseph Smith. I could feel my body getting warmer and I knew I needed to stay calm. I told him very firmly that I knew that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God and that he would NEVER do such a thing. He was very prideful and would not listen to me, and told me that the next time we saw each other I would tell him that he was right...ha! Yeah right! I knew there was absolutely no point in arguing with this man, and thankfully the Spirit helped me to know what I needed to say to not make myself look like a fool. Because when I get upset, my words all jumble together and I end up saying something that I regret. It ended well and we gave him the address to our church and invited him to come. We'll see if we ever see him around again! Missions are so interesting! You meet so many different, unique people and really learn how to talk to every kind of person! 
Tuesday wasn't too interesting...we just deep cleaned our house because of transfers which was nice. Sister Durrant really needed some time to just be at home and relax a little bit from missionary work. I made us yummy smoothies while we cleaned then we served on chat at the Trail Center!
Wednesday we had district meeting, and then we rushed to see Paula before we went to the Trail Center. She is doing SO WELL!!! She is GOING to be baptized October 11th. Please pray for her! I have faith that it can really happen this time. She wants to be baptized so badly. She's down to only a cigarette a day so we're making progress more and more every day! 
Thursday all the new missionaries came for a tour at the TC as usual, and since Sister Durrant and I were on shift that morning, the TC leaders asked us to take half of them on tour! It was wonderful! It's always such a powerful tour with the new missionaries because we get to relate the pioneers to us as missionaries and the Spirit is always so strong. Then then afternoon we served at the clinic with the TC leaders, Sisters Mahlstede and Hanks. That's always so much fun! And Dr. Fischer always takes us out to dinner. Love that man!
Friday we were at the Trail Center in the morning and then that night we got to come to the TC fireside! First time in a long time! We've usually been on shift so we haven't been able to come to them! We played Ephraim's Rescue and had a less active, Sister Zahn come to it! It was so amazing. Bawled the whole time. It's such an inspiring movie!

Saturday we had a really cool miracle! Had TC training in the morning, and then we had a member from the RS presidency call us. She told us she met this lady at the store who randomly came up to her, told her life story, and said she needed a spiritual Sister Packard called us and gave us her address and everything, and then we were able to go visit her that very day and she became a new investigator! Miracle! Ha that day we were also asked to teach the gospel principles class for church the next day...I about died. I hate last minute things. I was so nervous so I had a pretty bad attitude about it...don't worry, I repented haha. We looked over the lesson that night and some in the morning and then thankfully we didn't do too bad of a job. When we don't have much time to prepare, the Lord provides! And that was my week! Love you all!
Sister Ferrara :)

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