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Transfer Week! 7/13/2015

Oh. My. Gosh. It has been the craziest week of my life!!! I can't wait to tell you ALLL about it :)

Alright, so last Monday as a lot of you probably know, I got in a car accident. Way to start the week, huh? Sister Brower and I had just gone grocery shopping so we were driving home and going down a little hill going about 35 mph when we got to an intersection. Our light was green and a car to our right ran a red light and was turning left right in front of us so I ran right into him. It all happened SO fast and totally knocked the wind out of both of us. We were shocked at this moment and had no idea what to do. Our car was smashed pretty bad in the front left side and immediately started smoking. We were blocking traffic for all the cars behind us and luckily there were 3 boys in there 20s who were right there and had seen the entire thing so they came running out and told us to pull over more to the side and helped us out. I ran right into the steering wheel really hard so my stomach was in a lot of pain and strange thing was that the air bags didn't go off. They really should have because we hit them really hard, but we realized later that it was actually a miracle because we wouldn't gotten a lot more hurt I they had gone off. Anyways, the car we hit was an Asian family and they didn't speak English and while we were still in the car, one of the guys came over and told us they had taken off. There were several cars that were driving past us that were yelling and swearing at us because we were in the way so the guys helping us were swearing back at them trying to defend us. I have never heard the F bomb so many times in the same sentence my entire life. Sister Brower and I were so confused and just in complete shock and didn't know what to do or say. We immediately called Elder Lee who is over the cars in the mission and told him what happened. I had called him and could not understand a word he was saying because I was so out of it. I seriously didn't think we were speaking the same language! We finally just drove around to park next to the house where the 3 guys lived and waited for the police to show up. We were so alone and terrified, but luckily one of the guys had written down the license plate of the car we hit and his mom actually went driving off to catch them. Elder Lee finally showed up, then realized that our license plate sticker was out of date so he left us to go to the mission office before the police got there. President Gardner finally showed up so we weren't alone anymore. Never cried from being so happy to see the mission president before! The police didn't show up for about an hour and a half, but was really nice when he did finally show up. President Gardner then drove with us back to the house so we could drop off our groceries that were sitting in the trunk, then to the tc to meet Elder Lee so we could switch cars. He gave us another car to use thank goodness! I thought for sure I wouldn't be able to drive anymore, but since it wasn't our fault, it doesn't affect my privileges at all. We went up to see the Crandalls and tell them everything that had happened because we were pretty emotionally and still in shock and she fed us dinner and comforted us. We decided to go back home and take it easy the rest of the night when we found all the sisters at our house cleaning it. Oh, I just wanted to bawl! They were all deep cleaning the trail center and had somehow found out about the accident so they got into our house and cleaned everything for us! Such a sweet tender mercy.
The next day we were supposed to go on exchanges with the Eagle Run sisters, so they slept over that night, and when I woke up I was so sore and exhausted. I just felt like all my energy was taken out of me and I couldn't do hardly anything. Sister Durrant ended up being sick as well, so Sister Brower and Slater just went for a half day and I stayed at home with Sister Durrant. When Sister Brower came back we just took it easy for the rest of the day. We both just couldn't even think very straight and it was hard to concentrate on anything.
Wednesday we had a little more energy, but our pain was getting worse. The mission insurance guy called us and we had to take care of some business and Elder Lee and Sister Gardner both told us to go see a doctor so we set up some appointments for that day. Went to district meeting, then had to go to the mission office to fill out a bunch of paper work from the accident and then Sister Crandall took us to our doctor's appointments. Nothing too serious. Told us it was normal to be so sore, but she gave us some muscle relaxers to help with the pain. Then went back to the mission office to finish filling out papers, got a new car. Elder Lee gave us a 2015 brand new car with NO TIWI!!! No idea why he trusted us so much after just getting in an accident. Whatever! We weren't going to complain :) Then we went and got some dinner and went to grab our meds then had to get to the tc because we were supposed to be on shift. Well, my insurance didn't cover the expense of the meds so only Sister Brower got them and was that a miracle or what....she took one pill of the muscle relaxer that night about a half an hour before we went to bed. The doctor said it would probably make you loopy and boy she was not kidding. For the next 2 hours Sister Brower was talking non-stop about the most random stuff like she was on drugs. She was so hyper and emotional and dramatic. I couldn't stop laughing! It was like she was 4 again. She kept us both up until midnight and don't worry, I got some of it on camera ;) It was absolutely hilarious but so exhausting.
By the next morning she was still being affected by the medicine and kept giggling and saying really dumb stuff and kind of making a fool out of herself when all the elders came for transfer updates. President Gardent had called both of us up that morning and informed us where we would be the next transfer and we were both shocked! Well, I was. I don't really know what Sister Brower was thinking. Haha :) We thought for sure we would have another transfer together since we have a new mission president, but guess not! I got transferred to the Elmwood ward and my new companion is Sister Strong I am her second companion and she has only been out for 3 transfers I believe. She is so darling! We've had a lot of fun together so far! I am now in the Papillion zone, and live with members in the ward! Their names are the Meirzejewskis. (Mer zew skis) I have lived in the same house my entire mission, so this is a huge change for me. We live in the basement and it's such a cute, nice place. We were at the tc that morning, but Sister Brower was NOT in the right mind set to take a tour and eventually the medicine wore off more and more as the day went on so I took her downstairs so she could rest. She stayed down there the whole day, so I had to go to the clinic alone with the Elmwood sisters-my soon to be companion! Haha! When we got home I had to quickly pack everything up in my suitcases. Had to borrow an extra one. Man, that was rough! Didn't realize I had so much flippin' stuff! Got finished pretty fast though! Then to end our companionship well, we decided to watch the videos I took of her the night before when she was all loopy. We laughed a ton, and then cried ourselves to sleep. Not quite ready for the day ahead of us.
Had to be at transfer point by 8 the next morning. Definitely a bitter sweet experience. Sister Brower and I are best friends so it was really hard to have to say goodbye. We will see each other a lot still, but it will never be the same. We have had so many special memories together and I miss her terribly! I am no longer the TC leader so that has been really difficult, but also very relieving. I honestly feel like a new missionary again! I don't know how to be a normal missionary anymore! It's been super fun though. I feel the happiest I have felt in a long time. I feel like I have no worries or stress. I don't constantly have something to do or prepare for. I just get to enjoy these last 4 months and strive to be the very best missionary I could possibly be! I absolutely loved being a leader. It was the hardest, but most rewarding calling and I miss it a lot. But I feel like I can actually be the sisters friends instead of just their leader that tells them what to do. I love change so much! It's so crazy how much I have learned to love it on my mission. Now I can focus on my area and the people we're teaching and work extra hard! We got to hang out with a brand new missionary that day because her companion wasn't coming until that night. We spent the whole day in the area so I got to meet a lot of people. Elmwood has the highest national percentage of mental illness, so there's lots of fun people here ;) Crazy, but I love them already! I'm so excited to get to know them all better!
Saturday after TC training, we had a full weekly planning session. Haven't done that in 7 and a half months! Then we were at the TC that night.
Sunday we were at the TC in the morning and then we have church at 1. Such a great ward! We had dinner with the Mierzejewskis and I got to know them better. They're an older couple with 3 kids who are all older and married. They're so nice and buy our milk and eggs for us and lots of other things. I love living with members! Our ward mission leader lives right next door, so that's really helpful. I just have so much to be happy and thankful for! I love being here and I love all of you so much! I hope all is well with you :) Have a good week!
Sister Ferrara :)

a friend of my mom's who came through the TC

my adorable new companion

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