Tuesday, July 14, 2015

April Showers! 4/20/2015

Hello everyone! It's been a very wet, and crazy week! Love the moisture! All the flowers and trees are coming back to life and it makes me so happy!
Last Monday for preparation day we went and got pedicures for an early birthday celebration. So fun! Then that night we saw Chris and Christy. They're both doing pretty well. Chris just lost his cat the other day so he's been struggling quite a bit with that. 
Tuesday we were at the Trail Center and then went and saw Kaylee and had dinner with the Swapps. Kaylee has 2 little girls and is giving them to her mom because she doesn't have the means to provide for them so that has been really hard for her. 
Wednesday we had zone training. It was such a mess. We were asked to show a district video as part of our training, but couldn't find our district videos at the house so we had to go searching everywhere and finally found some at the Trail Center so we ended up being late to zone training...oops. It was an excellent zone training though. Very powerful spirit. As a mission we're working on reaching the standards of excellence which refers to our weekly numbers. It's pretty exciting! It will be a challenge, but I know we can do it! Were supposed to see Cathleen after, but she wasn't home so we went and saw Charlie. He dropped us. Told us something happened with Josh so he doesn't want him coming to church or scouts anymore. Made me really sad. Then we headed to the Trail Center to prepare for Activity Days that night because we were asked to teach all the girls about modesty. It was so much fun! We brought like a modesty checklist and brought some of our scarves, jewelry, and cardigans so they could try them on and see how cute you can look with modest clothing. 
Thursday we were just at the TC and then the clinic and got pizza at Varsity Pizza. Favorite pizza place I've ever been to!
Friday we went on exchanges with the Lakeview sisters. I went with Sister Togisala and we had a great day! Got to see Alice whom we haven't seen a long time so that was great! She's been really struggling. Then we got to see Ellen. We tried to see this investigator, Marie, that we haven't seen in a long time. She was that lady that was super solid and came to the RS Activity, but then fell off of the face of the earth. Her son Jermaine came to the door and we told them about the TC fireside we were having that night and Marie said she wanted to go so we asked Sister Barlow (senior sister at TC) to pick her up later that night after dinner and everything and apparently she had forgotten about it....but her son Jermaine asked if he could come so we said why not?! He's in 6th grade and such a sweetheart. The fireside was given by one of the stake presidents here who used to be RLDS and he told of his conversion story and everything. After the fireside we gave Jermaine a tour of the gallery and he absolutely loved it and didn't want to go home. We gave him a Book of Mormon and then showed him Because He Lives and he loved it! We're going to start teaching him this week :) 
Saturday-Happy birthday to me! We had some sisters sleeping over the night before for TC training and when I woke up that morning I found sticky notes on the floor and all over the mirror in the bathroom with sweet notes on them and then I opened up the shower to find a million balloons that spelled "Happy birthday Sister Ferrara." I was so spoiled all day! Then after TC training we did a Florence city cleanup with a couple other sets and the Crandalls and picked up a ton of garbage along the road. Lots and lots of beer bottles and things. Gross! It started pouring as we were out there so we decided to be done. Then we went off to a wedding! A couple in the Eagle Run ward that Sister Brower taught was getting married and she was asked to play the wedding march for them. One time experience! It was such a typical Nebraska wedding. Pretty awkward and chaotic. It was just at a church building and we ended up helping the girls do their hair and it was just a mess. Not very organized. Then we had nachos for lunch after the wedding ceremony. Not even table cloths on the tables....I love Nebraska :) Definitely a birthday I will never forget! I went to a wedding! We were on shift afterwards and Sister Brower and coordinated with a lady in the wedding, Sister Legate, to make all my favorite foods and favorite cheesecake and surprised me with streamers all over the kitchen and everything. She made steak, baked potatoes, fresh homemade butter, and then homemade strawberry cheesecake. Absolutely heavenly! Then I opened my presents like I would do at home...right after my birthday dinner of choice :) Thanks to all of you for all your gifts and birthday cards! I couldn't ask for better family and friends! I definitely felt very special! 
Sunday was pretty normal. We had ward council at 7 in the morning...yikes. Super tired the entire day. We were on shift all day again. Pretty typical Sunday! Nothing too exciting. 
Well, I hope you all know how much I love you. Have a wonderful week!
Sister Ferrara :)

Activity days! All the girls are wearing our jewelry and things :)

City cleanup!

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