Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Happy New Year!

It has suddenly gotten really cold here in Nebraska! We had a very warm Christmas with the sun shining and everything, but then it dropped to... 1 degree. Haha plains, trains, and automobiles ;) 
It was a wonderful week! Good thing I have my planner to remind me what happened because it honestly flew by and I don't remember a thing that happened. Let's see...
Tuesday we went on exchanges with the Kanesville sisters. I went with Sister Togisala! We had an amazing day! Had many appointments which was good because we didn't get stuck outside freezing to death. Lake Cunningham is a very large area which has parts of Florence which is the area down by the Trail Center, then it also has parts from Bennington and Carter Lake. I have been able to meet and get to know many people from Bennington so that's where I typically go when we go on exchanges, and then Sister Cragun stays in Florence to see people. So this week we got to see Tammy who is so great! She's so funny and has been reading the Book of Mormon and keeping our commitments! During our appointment she swore quite a bit though...even said the f word. Yikes! She's just had a lot of problems with doctors. She has what's called dialysis so she can't go under water, and if she even gets a slight fever than she has to go to the hospital. She needs a kidney, and then she would baptized! Anyways...she's wonderful. Love her! Then we met a less active named Tressie Kimball, saw an investigator named Gwen. We had a girl come with us who is preparing to leave for her mission in February and she had never gone out with missionaries before...and Sister Togisala is a very timid, still kind of new missionary and Gwen brought up her problem with having water instead of wine for the sacrament. It was a little intense, but I feel like it was handled pretty well. The spirit definitely helped me to know what to say. Then we had a dinner appointment and had a lesson with Cathleen who is a less active. She is so adorable! We talked to her about receiving her patriarchal blessing and she got really excited! That night after exchanges President Weston called looking for Sister Savage.....He told her she would be transferring to the spanish ward the very next day! One of the spanish sisters had some health problems so she went home early, so Sister Savage got put in her place knowing very little spanish. Which means she is not serving at the TC anymore for now, but she will be back. We don't know how long she will be there. Until the end of the transfer for sure, and then we'll see after that! It was such an interesting experience being in a trio. Fun for some time, but I'm actually very glad it didn't last for the rest of the transfer. It was really tough especially being in a leadership position where she couldn't be with us all the time and we had lots of calls and meeting that she couldn't be at. It's good for both of us. It's been challenging, but this is where she needs to be right now. Wednesday we had district meeting and we're in the spanish district strange enough...tender mercy since we'll get to see Sister Savage there. I know that's the reason we were put in this district. Then we dropped Sister Savage off at her new house and new companion, and we were off to the TC because we had a lot to do that night. We also didn't have a car because the TC was closed for the rest of the night because of New Years Eve, so we worked on the scrapbook and some other things to prepare for the Cleverlys leaving and having new senior couples coming in soon. Then we had an appointment with Chris and Girly. Huge miracle! Girly is from the Philippines and is very very shy and doesn't usually talk much. Chris her boyfriend has been investigating the church for a while, but Girly hasn't really been interested until now. She said the closing prayer!!! And Chris has had a problem with coffee. He's just really addicted and loves it a lot so he's had a problem quitting. But he told us that he hasn't had as much of a desire to drink it and we told him it's because he's been reading the Book of Mormon. The Book of Mormon can heal everything! It didn't really feel like New Years Eve at all. Sister Cragun and I did have a martinelli's bottle that we drank around 10 and then went to bed :) That's about as exciting as it gets as a missionary :) 
New Years day we served at the TC in the morning and then saw some people that afternoon. Not too interesting...
Friday we had MLC which is Mission Leadership Council. It was such an amazing meeting. It's where all the zone leaders and sister training leaders meet with the assistants and President and Sister Weston and are basically trained on how we can be better leaders of the mission! It was so inspired and it was great to get to know the other leaders better! It's weird having a closer relationship with boys again. As part of our responsibility we are to call and talk to the APs and ZLs about our sisters that we are over each week. It was interesting getting used to that. Haha! 
Saturday we served at the TC in the morning after TCT and then saw Tressie Kimball again, had dinner with the Snows and they made us this delicious Italian meal called braciole! Oh, I was in heaven. I love Italian food! We also had what they called "skookies." Skillet cookies with ice cream on top :) YUM! These members feed us so well. I love it! Then we had ward coordination. 
We have church back at 9 now, and ward council at 7:30 in the morning. So fun...yeah right. Then we served at the TC for the rest of the day. Back to my normal schedule like when I was in Bellevue. I ALWAYS served at the TC from 12:30 to 9 since we had church at 9 :) Yesterday was the last day of gingerbread...thank goodness. I'm so done with it! I'm ready for something new! All the Christmas decorations are coming down today. Sad, but good! I'm ready for things to go back to normal. 
Oh! So Meet the Mormons is officially here now! We got it the first of January so we have it playing every night at 7 and then whenever someone requests it at another time during the day. We even got these huge posters to advertize and we're just trying to get the word out to everyone to get more people to come. We're SO excited! 
I think that's about the extent of my week! We're getting lots of snow now, so that's exciting! About time! Hope you all have an amazing week! I love you so much!
Sister Ferrara :)

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