Thursday, May 22, 2014

Almost out of here!!

Soooo I've almost been here for 2 weeks and I can't believe how fast time has gone by! Yesterday was our last day of classes, so we took some pictures together as a district with our teachers and then had to say goodbye! I really loved my teachers and they taught me SO much! I've definitely come a long way since I first got here, but I'm finally feeling a lot more confident in myself and I'm ready to get started in Nebraska!!
Last Tuesday we got to go to the temple and it was so was exactly what i needed to get through the rest of my week. And then we had choir practice to prepare for the huge devotional that Elder Holland came to speak at! It was incredible! He is such a powerful speaker and it really got me thinking that I have been such a wimp lately...He talked about how every mission is going to be hard and salvation is NOT as hard as you can... but do not feel sorry for yourself. The Savior went through so much more than we will ever have to experience. This isn't the time to be thinking about yourself. So anyways...that really got me a lot more motivated and excited! 
There hasn't been a whole lot happening since then...just the normal hours of class time every day, teaching our "investigator" and TRC investigator. Sister Hodges and I had a really good last lesson with both our investigators and even though they were "fake" it still felt so real and the spirit felt so strongly. I've really learned how to teach with the spirit and from my heart instead of worrying so much about what I'm going to say. It's really been such an incredible experience! 
Oh haha and kind of a funny side we have gym time a few days each week after class time, and all the sisters in my district play four square and we're kind of obsessed with it! It's this really fun game where you're each in a square and you pass a ball around to the different squares without touching it with anything besides your hands. And there's some other little rules to it... it's so much fun! But yesterday I didn't have the best luck...There are always two games playing at the same time, so the ball from the other game hit me in the head TWICE and also in my bad arm that I had to get shots in just barely yesterday. I thought I was going to die! Hahaha! It was hilarious...but pretty painful as well. 
Let's we got another district in our zone finally! So now we have 2 districts! Woohoo! Wednesday night we had to give them a New Missionary Orientation which went well! I've definitely gotten a lot more comfortable talking in front of people that's for sure! I know it's just going to continue to get better! 
Thursday we had our In-Field Orientation which was from 8 until was an extremely long day, but we talked a ton about how to use members to get referrals and to participate in lessons and the importance of daily planning and things like that. It was amazing! By the end of the day we were all extremely exhausted, but excited to get in the field!!! 
During sacrament meeting, the sisters in my district decided to do a musical number so we sang "I Stand All Amazed" accapella and we made up our own little arrangement and it was actually very beautiful! Then we had a bunch of meetings as usual, and then a fireside, and movie night we got to watch Legacy! One of my favorites! It was so weird to watch an actual movie! I feel like I haven't seen a movie in months! Then I got to talk to my family for a half an hour! First time they've allowed missionaries to call home from the MTC so we were very lucky and grateful! It sure wasn't enough time like I would've wanted. It made me really homesick. I went rushing to the bathroom to dry my eyes, and this very sweet lady who must've been one of the Branch President's wives was passing me in the hall and just immediately gave me this big comforting hug and her husband said that missionaries that don't cry after talking to their family have a problem. It was very comforting and helped me calm down a little bit. I was very grateful for that. Monday (yesterday) was I said earlier. Last day of classes and teaching our investigator Andrew...and we finally committed him to baptism! I think our teacher was probably taking it easy on us so we would feel good on our last day, but it was still awesome! 
That's about all I can think of to tell you all! I love you all SO much and am so grateful for all of your letters and emails! All the missionaries in my district are jealous because you all spoil me with letters! I love it!!! Keep it up ;) I love to hear all about what's happening with all of you! Tomorrow we get to go to Temple Square and start Visitor Center Training, so I'm excited to be able to tell you all about it! Have an amazing rest of your week!
Sister Ferrara :)
P.S. haha ok so I just thought of a funny experience that I have to share...I got 2 different Traveling Itinerarys because there's another district here that is serving at Omaha, Nebraska but not going to the Visitor Center and they're leaving the 14th and for some reason they gave me an Itinerary that said I was leaving the 14th and another one saying I was leaving the 17th, so we went to go clear things up and figure out which plane I was supposed to be taking and they asked for my full name and I like paused for 5 seconds because I forgot what my real first name was since I've been so used to calling myself Sister Ferrara!! It was so embarrassing... :) Sister Hodges made fun of me for days after that! Haha funny stuff huh?! 

Sister Hodges is in the glasses

the classroom

my MTC district

smells like cream soda - mmmmmmm!

with our teachers

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